DPRK ICBMs Russia Design?

From MK Ultra Alpha at Zero Hedge:

In March 2017, Kim Jong-un was photographed inspecting a spherical device with a control detonation input. This is the exact technology for a nuclear weapon. The size and shape fits perfectly for the warhead of the Hwasong-14 launched on July 4th 2017, US Independence Day.

The spherical shape must be perfect precision engineering, this means advanced engineering equipment was obtained. Anyone can see, this is advanced engineering capability. This means, not only can the metal sphere be precisely manufactured, but also, the explosive spherical shell and the uranium spherical shell can be precision manufactured. The plutonium is processed from used fuel rods from the one reactor North Korea uses for research and electrical power. The krypton gas method means less plutonium must be used for a higher yield. The NK tactical nuclear weapons which can cover 8 to 10 one thousand meter grid squares is now a city destroyer. A tactical nuclear weapon would have a yield of 5-10 kilotons. NK has a nuclear capability of around 20 tactical nuclear weapons, larger type of around five 30-40 kt bombs and now the production of the ICBM warhead. This has been the progression of NK nuclear weapons development.

The Krypton gas method enhances yield ten times or more, thus the new generation North Korean nuclear weapon has a thermonuclear capability. In other words, the amount of plutonium needed for a 30-40 kt nuclear weapon is enhanced ten times or more for a yield of around 300-400 kt. A hydrogen device is a fusion weapon and a nuclear device is fission weapon. The enhanced yield using a fission device indicates a Russian physicist is working in NK. This is most likely one of the Russians the Clinton administration paid to work in Israel after the fall of the Soviet Union. The reasoning, if we didn’t give them work, then they would work for Iran.

During this time, an article was posted on the Atomic Scientist web site explaining the activities of the Russian physicist team in Israel, after I read it, I went back the next week and it was removed. I spoke with a French aerospace executive about the weapons technology being developed using the Russian krypton gas injection and we talked about veapon yields.

The missile designs aren’t the old generation like the Nodong, which was a scaled up Scud, these new ICBM and submarine IRBM designs are Russian designs. Nuclear weapon design and manufacture is using advanced computing power. CAD for engineering and CAM for running precision equipment. Most likely using UNIX. It’s the same for the ICBM and submarine IRBM, computer aided engineering design and manufacturing. PLA front companies have supplied the software, hardware, manufacturing equipment, and raw materials. The uranium came from China, the plutonium from spent fuel rods. But there has to be mercenary Russian missile design team and a Russian nuclear physicist team The achievements are an exponential increase in capability compared to the past.

The spherical weapons grade uranium most be trigger all the way around the sphere at the precise time. This timer device is obtained from China. It is export restricted in the USA. The outer shell is high velocity explosives, NK can’t make this, it comes from China, it must be detonated at the same time to drive the uranium shell into the plutonium core, the shell of krypton gas boosts the yield ten or more times. This krypton gas must be under a certain pressure to maintain a constant at time of detonation.

It would be over 30 to 40 times or more the Hiroshima detonation. If it hit the Kanto plan in Japan it would kill 10 million people because of the population concentration. NYC 5 million people or more would die with the accompanying radiation and fallout.

However, NK didn’t have enough spent fuel rods, these came from Iran. Kim Jong-un is paying huge amounts for these weapons. So we have three inputs, China supplied computing power and remember advanced computing power is needed by physicist for testing weapons designs without the need for a live test. The nuclear weapons computer programs may have been smuggled out of Israel or programmed from scratch in NK, China PLA front companies supplied engineering equipment, materials, and precision electronic timers, and uranium, Iran supplied a small batch of spent fuel rods and Russians are working in NK. I guarantee this new missile generation is of Russian designs. The style and shape, anyone can see this, except US intelligence who are paid a lot of money to sit around.

The next technology hurdle is accuracy. NK must learn how to spin the warhead, if not the warhead will tumble and will not hit the planned target. US intelligence is always inaccurate in predictions about NK. The time tables are always wrong. Every time, they have stated a longer time frame when the time frame was two thirds less. At the rate of ICBM test, the next phase is warhead accuracy. If this test rate continues, within the next six months, an ICBM capable of hitting LA, NYC and DC with a 300-400 kt warhead or greater, will be an operational reality.

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