Seeking an understanding of yesterday’s events, I began a search.

From Wikipedia:

The Southern Poverty Law Center wrote that the extremist rally was “shaping up to be the largest hate-gathering of its kind in decades in the United States” and was “expected to draw a broad spectrum of far-right extremist groups – from immigration foes to anti-Semitic bigots, neo-Confederates, Proud Boys, Patriot and militia types, outlaw bikers, swastika-wearing neo-Nazis, white nationalists and Ku Klux Klan members”…

Two hours before the car attack, Fields had been photographed by a New York Daily News photographer brandishing a wooden shield emblazoned with the logo for neo-Nazi group Vanguard America, standing alongside the group’s members. After Fields was arrested, the group issued a statement denying that Fields was a member and saying that “the shields were freely handed out to anyone in attendance.”

Armed with a basic understanding of events, I consulted my Twitter Trump echo chamber.

From Altura Ct. at Free Republic:

About 11:10 or so a group of about 50-75 statue supporters were making their way down Market street toward the park from the South. As they approached the southern entrance to the park is when the first violence started. Bottles of water, balloons of paint and bags of urine were thrown at them from the crowd. When that happen the shoving started, fist were flying and people hitting each other with sticks. Of course the right stood up for themselves. Now I’m not saying some on the right wouldn’t be violent anyway BUT I can say for a fact they didn’t start it. Also the police did nothing to quell the violence. Once it started it went on for at least 30-40 minutes or more with crap flying every which way. Also within this 30 + minutes a second group of about the same size also made there way down the street and this just exacerbated the chaos.

From the comments:

“Unite the Right” is a Soros-funded honeypot psyop that employs the “Pied Piper” strategy to damage the Republican brand by insinuating that Antifa goons disguised as Nazis represent the views of the entire Right Wing in America (This is what Creamer and Democracy Partners have been up to lately).

Preposterous, I say to myself.  And yet:

Ok Here’s the Soros SOP for a color revolution. (Basic steps, it’s more subtle, but here’s what you’ll recognise.

1/ Use media to highlight existing fissures and competing viewpoints within a society.
2/ paid agitators infiltrate both groups.
3/ create or co-opt a protest.
4/ agitators from both sides use violence to provoke the moderate supporters within either camp.
5/ An atrocity. Mostly snipers firing into crowd, targeting vulnerable like women and children on one side, law enforcement / government on the other.
6/ both sides blame the other for the deaths, damage and violence
7/ media complicity in creating narrative. Violence blamed on one side – usually government,
8/ Event used to justify further violence. Calls for President and government to resign.
9/ rinse and repeat with increasing protests and violence.

If you’d like to see how this actually plays out – what a color revolution looks like. YT “Crimea! the long way home”. The crowd tactics used by the UKie Soros agitators is clearly identified and explained.

The Soros color revolution template has been used in 30+ Countries.
Americans are oblivious as their media has never told the real story behind the protests that lit the fuse in Libya, Egypt, Tunisia (Arab spring!) Syria, Ukraine.

Surely not.  However, by this time I’d seen lots of vids on Twitter of nerdy kids wearing Trump hats, brandishing wooden shields and chanting “Blood and Soil.

Then there were these guys, back at Hotel Sux after the riot.  These are the threepers I know.  OTOH, there’s a video out there of cops in riot gear being pressed by a dozen of these nerdy Trump supporters, while being filmed up close, so as to fake context.

What do I know, maybe Soros is paying for the chuckleheads at Motel Sux, too?

One thing I did read, among all the attempts to hang this on Trump:

I doubt there are more than 12,000 serious in America.

I suspect a great deal of what we’re being fed is manufactured.

I mean, how does yesterday’s version of Lee Harvey Oswald slam into Antifa, BLM and take out a suburban white girl?  There’s even drone video of the intersection.  Come on.

The Summer of Hate over the Robert E. Lee statue, perpetrated by two UVA grads who lead the White Supremacist movement, was perfect for the opposition, who herded them like cattle, and gave them what for, sans guns.

There’s a Haaretz reporter who hid out in a restaurant after claiming to be faced with armed militia, but who knows?

After this and the Alt-Right attempt to eject McMaster, I suspect Bannon is done.  They were a nuisance, anyway, with quaint notions of things like peace.  After all, Trump has 80% of the Christofascists, who cream in their jeans for Pence.  Those on the margins are always disappointed after an election.

Maybe the alt-right can spend their time until the next election making more shields.  I noticed the boys at Hotel Sux didn’t have any.


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