Snowflake Nazis


Gamers with Dungeons and Dragons shields, pretending to be Nazis.

Good luck getting laid.

Challenger boy over there apparently suffers from “flat face affect”, the result of anti-psychotics.

Fom ProPublica:

[T]he ranks of the young men who drove to Charlottesville with clubs, shields, pepper spray and guns included many college-educated people who have left the political mainstream in favor of extremist ideologies over the past few years. A large number have adopted a very clean cut, frat-boyish look designed to appeal to the average white guy in a way that KKK robes or skinhead regalia never could. Interviews show that at least some of these leaders have spent time in the U.S. armed forces.

Many belong to new organizations like Vanguard America, Identity Evropa, the Traditionalist Workers Party and True Cascadia, which have seen their numbers expand dramatically in the past year. Most of these groups view themselves as part of a broader “alt-right” movement that represents the extreme edge of right-wing politics in the U.S…

Given the scale of the protests, the far-right groups suffered few injuries. That was particularly notable given the fact that multiple people near the protests were armed. Throughout the weekend, right-wing and left-wing militias equipped with assault rifles, pistols and body armor patrolled the streets of Charlottesville. (Virginia is an “open carry” state, so gun owners are legally allowed to tote around firearms.),,

The presence of heavily armed citizens may have played a role in the decision of authorities to largely stay out of the violent skirmishes between the white supremacists and their opponents.

From Moon of Alabama:

The U.S. uses fascism, religious extremism, torture, targeted killing and many other vile instruments of power in its quest for global dominance. All of these methods and ideologies, all of them, will one day come home…

Ideologically, these two ‘opponents’ had more in common than we care to admit…

The authorities tried to move the march but their statements made it clear that they were doing so NOT because of public safety but because they disagreed with the marchers ideology. So a federal judge decided that the march/protest should go ahead in Emancipation Square where the statue of Lee is. Instead of allowing the march/demonstration to proceed in a legal and orderly way, the butt-hurt liberal authorities allowed the counter-protestors to assemble and act in a way that created a pretext for determining an unsafe condition. The alt-right march/protest was cancelled before it even began. THEN the counter-protesters staged their own impromptu, illegal march in celebration of their dubious victory. The car attack was made on the counter-protesters march. The authorities use of the counter-protesters got one of them killed and many others injured. Naturally the authorities and the media blame the alt-right but the alt-right has been handed a propaganda victory that will mean MORE demands for marches and the city of Charlottesville will face many lawsuits amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars – not just from the alt-Right but (if they are smart) from the counter-protesters that were killed and injured because they were USED.

So, for the last time, NOBODY WON and NOBODY is a white-knight with clean hands here. A hateful ideology was met with scheming and hate. And the result is (predictably) a clusterf*ck.

From the SPLC:

O’Brien was arrested (concealed carry without permit) on the same day local SWAT units rushed a parking garage after members of the Neo-Confederate Florida League of the South (FL LOS) were filmed viciously beating a black man, who attempted to run away, fell, and was savaged once again. Also visible in the video was at least one man carrying a shield with a Vanguard America logo, much like the one carried by James Alex Fields, who allegedly drove his car through a group of counter protestors killing one.

Alex Rubinstein on Twitter with many vids.

0HOUR1 has been on this from the beginning:

If you’re a youth wanna make real change go volunteer at a VA hospital a nursing home…

Bannon is out he wont last a week…

Boston pulled the permit.

I’ve been contending for years that Hollywood was run by the The Rendon Group and the Pentagon’s Highland Forum. Deez nutz, not so much.

Still waiting for video evidence of the boys from Motel Sux, Highwaymen 1%ers from Alabama.

I’ve always considered Renaissance fairs overrated.

You’da thought they would’a brought DisneyWorld entertainers or grads of Barnum&Bailey clown college. Juggling would go a long way here.

At least if the CIA were involved, production values would be much higher.

They’ve held one of these each month this summer, but if they don’t improve, it’ll never get picked up by Netflix. It’s like they’ve never even seen GoT.

This makes you appreciate a high quality false flag like 9/11.

The FBI CounterTerrorism Unit can get the sexually conflicted son of an Afghani ex-pat pres candidate to kill a bunch of gays in Orlando, but these mooks had to trigger a Lee Harvey Oswald to chalk up one DB.

Bill Ayers is inconsolable. Soros needs to have a sit down with the Weinstein brothers.

Word is they’re no longer happy with the Coen brothers.

On the basis of Charlottesville alone, Portlandia got picked up for another season.

The 600 lb man died and the Discovery channel picked up the boys from Motel Sux.

Bryan Cranston has been cast to fill the role of Michael Tubbs.

The Coen brothers had big plans for John Goodman, but alas, it is probably not to be.

It’s Vince Gilligan. I should’ve seen that coming. Thank God it’s not Seth Rogen.

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