Because you are a bunch of losers.

Because you abandoned , and .

Because you sold your souls to .

manifested as from election loss.

You suffer from aggravated by .

Because only made things worse.

You’re the past and we’re the future.

You let the torpedo Bernie Sanders.

You couldn’t beat the worst candidate evah!

Because still wants to be .

You think is better than .

Useful idiots for the rich and famous.

Progress is the enemy of prosperity.

is a batshit crazy warmongering asshole.

Bill Clinton killed lots of black people.

Hillary Clinton killed lots of brown people.

was W’s third and fourth terms.

Millions who had never voted said No.

All that money couldn’t buy the Presidency.

It’s not enough to merely control Trump.

People starting voting in their best interest.

Liberal shitstain became too big to hide.

don’t own enough and .

and are scary as fuck.

Declare me the winner and I’ll stop.

Making love to your iPhones hasn’t worked.

And the winner:

“You can grab them by the pussy.” – Donald Trump

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2 Responses to #WhyWeMustImpeachTrumpIn7Words

  1. KPomeroy says:

    I share your sentiments about total disillusionment with Trump. He claimed to advocate friendship with Russia and US non-intervention. In the first case, the neocon libtards have stopped him. In the second, he seems to have forgotten what his campaign was all about. I’m disheartened today to read about US Naval Bases being developed on Ukraine’s Black Sea coast. How can Trump allow US military support of the Kiev regime terrorists? Yet, what would happen if we DID impeach Trump? Pence is a die-hard neocon from the start, and he would be next to take office. Then we would have to impeach him. But how could we ever manage to put anyone better in office? I mean, realistically. Impeaching Trump would probably mean somebody even worse, given the libtard mania in Washington.

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  2. Fec says:

    I’ve read their attitude is to eat the elephant one president at a time.


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