Fearrington Village

The Wife and I had the day off, yesterday and took Darth Beetle to Pittsboro, looking for a clothing store she’s heard about.

We parked in a blighted area behind the restaurant, walked in, sat down at the bar and began sampling the fare.  I had no interest in their selections on tap and ordered a Blue Moon.  The Antifa fascists running the place put me off, so we left.

We travel around in a convertible, trying to find things with a $85 smartphone.  The Wife can’t see the phone and when she gets a glimpse, the GPS is mocking us.  So, we end up going the wrong was on 64, 87 and 15-501.

I’ve done this enough to find Fearrington Village.  If you can find the entrance, then you continue to be faced with minimal signage.  I’m not yet in my dotage and my corrected eyesight is perfect.  I can’t imagine how oldsters find anything here.

So, you park and walk.  But nearly everything is closed by now.

So, you go to the deli, the only thing open.

Antifa fascists running the place.  A bunch of guys.  Slow, untrained and don’t know anything about the food they’re serving.

That’s the thing about college.  A degree does not abolish the need to be educated.

This is why we keep going back to Chilis.  Responsible restaurants keep Blue Moon on tap.

And why would I want to waste my time on swill made in Bear Creek?

The place she was looking for was actually in Apex.  We’ll get’er next time.

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