The Houston Lesson

AYK, what the citizens of Houston are enduring as a result of Harvey is unprecedented and horrific beyond imagining.  No amount of preparation could have been sufficient to deal with what follows.  That it happened to Houston is in one way fortunate (they are the only people left who know how to build things) and in another unfortunate (fascist Libertarians and Christofascists impose austerity on the poor).

Houston is capable of much.  But it does not have a record of being good stewards to “the least of us.”  Indeed, threats of Texas secession have concerned those capable of concern for the lives of the marginalized sans the protections of the US Constitution.

This disaster is such that all responders will be exhausted of energy and funding.  Quite simply, Houston, if responded to effectively, represents a significant lurch toward socialism.  Absent permanent war, we can afford it.

Climate change turns out to favor nationalism.  We’re gonna need all our energy to deal with Houston and what else may come after.  Odds are, despite all our saber rattling abroad, that black swans associated with weather events will spell our doom.

That new vehicle is about to become a lot more expensive to drive.

This couldn’t come at a worse time for the auto industry.

Texas, already a Banana Republic, will never recover.

This single weather event could devastate the economy.    The stock market is not the economy.

But I voted for Trump, so I can’t blame climate change.

Regardless, the auto loan and home mortgage security markets are about to be destabilized.

Millions of acres will be brown fields.

We’ll be lucky to escape a nuclear event.

This will provide the excuse for domestic military mobilization.

Tens of thousands of the worst White people you’ve ever met are coming our way.

Denied privileged entitlement for the first time in generations, they will be murderously insane.

The Walking Dead will be Texans.

Of course, a Federal Job Guarantee/Universal Basic Income/$15 Minimum Wage would end all of this. Instead, we’ll have dystopia.

Cheap gas offered an unprecedented financial opp to pay down debt. Instead, everybody bought a pickup truck.

The good news is the Koch brothers are probably ruined.

This is not Katrina. Hundreds of billions of asset value has been erased overnight.

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