Deep State Steve

I’ve been hanging out at 0HOUR1 on Twitter since the shooting, just like I did after Charlottesville.  It looks like the greatest US domestic terrorism acts may have been perpetrated by men who had Filipino mail order brides… or met them in a casino. You pick.

Regardless, this is not Islam, but something much worse: a global network of enterprising Filipino women.   Personally, I’m relieved that my overlord uses prostitution to exercise control.  Actually I thought it would be a cadre of Carolina cheerleaders, but who cares, it’s better than boring ISIS.

My early take was #BadCountryMusicKills but I followed 0HOUR1 into the Philippine jungle looking for ISIS and only found more women.

Trust me, this guy ain’t got no friends.  He drove all over, buying weapons, ammo and explosives for an attack on the airport as a diversion, but couldn’t pull it off.

He had a handful of WiFi cameras, which may have filmed the event and was captured by ISIS, but probably not, as… well, you understand.

But the Filipino ladies are probably blackmailing Trump with the video as we speak.

Whatever Steve was up to, he had a lot of fun.

I contend they will find an excellent collection of old country western records.

Like a farmer with two tractors, a guy who runs drugs and guns needs a plane he can depend on.

Anybody who paid to see Jason Aldean deserves what they got.

‘s next hit will be about how he took a bullet for a fat chick in shorts and boots.

Is next?

If a victim receives Pence’s blood, will they go batshit crazy, too?

The note said: “I really hate Jason Aldean and fat chicks in shorts.”

Does he get to hang out with Filipino men after he becomes a Moooooslim?

In what alternative universe would Trump believe the FBI/CIA/NSA/DEA?

He waited until Jason Fucking Aldean came on.

This attack is also a wry comment on the bastardization of country music appealing to patriotism, tribalism and war.

He’d never shoot up a concert.

Nobody ever got shot at a concert.

Excuse me, could I get some help carrying these rifles and ammo?

His Sirius Radio was tuned to Outlaw Country.

Who knew you could cause so much carnage with a couple of hi mag AR-15s?

It’s actually embarrassing.  Obviously a lone wolf effort.

ISIS would’ve at least used a C-130 gunship to bracket the target with 20mm Vulcan rotary cannons.

If Steve had opened a bingo hall like his dad, there’s no telling what mischief he might have gotten into.

As it was, he got rich, helped his brother retire and sent his mother presents.

He wasn’t radicalised, had an escape plan, but didn’t make it.


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