Antifa in Greensboro

Silly me, I thought from Charlottesville that Antifa looked like Ninja.  I’ve come to find that disaffected Millennials from Greensboro look more like stoners from Julian.  OK, Pleasant Garden.

There’s the baggy jeans and tennis shoes.  Sometimes they own a car, but often not.  Sometimes, there’s a ball cap, but always a shaggy beard and hair.

Rather than collect checks from Soros, they work in local restaurants, adorning meals with snot, spit, hair and God only knows what else.

Of course, the privileged White people who eat at these places are accustomed to being served by these unfortunates, as they look like, and often are,  their children.

They ain’t getting laid a lot and black guys seem appalled.  Cigs are obligatory as a symbol of self-destruction.  One of the reasons we go to Chili’s is to avoid semi-homeless guys stinking of tobacco, and those are the servers.

How can you vanquish fascism if you can’t even maintain your hair?

Now that I think of it, instead of the soup, I’ll have a big steaming bowl of internalized nihilism.

More and more, I’m getting a threatening look from young black guys.  They don’t even bother with the stoners.  Who am I kidding?  Everyobody gives me a threatening look in these rugby shorts and hair like an escaped mental patient.

OTOH, I know a few 3%ers and they’re all squared away,  It’s going to be a short civil war.

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