Elm Street Grill

We had Saturday off, so we hit the ancient and venerable Smith Street Diner for breakfast, before going in to the store.  They regularly serve great meals to hundreds of people.  Our waitress, whom we’ve come to love, suggested we also try brunch at Elm Street Grill.  We hit the store, shipped orders and I watered the plants.

This morning, I went to the store, watered the plants and drove to Liberty,  My tenant at the He-Man Woman Hater’s Club is done painting the living and bedrooms.  I swapped the Fun Machine for the truck and drove to Lowe’s for John Deere green spray paint.  Then I drove to the store on the way home and picked up the metal loveseat in front of the store, which had begun to rust.

The Wife and I drove Darth Beetle to Elm Street Grill, which is just north of Pisgah Church.  The place is tastefully adorned.  The hostess showed us to the area just off the bar, which is where we like.  One wall was covered with at least a dozen screens, each showing something different and one showing the Panthers.

The polite bartender brought us regular and brunch menus, which were, like everything else, clean and appealing.  The first things I noticed were Chicken Tikka Tacos and Turkey Curry Flatbread.  WTF?

We’ve been substituting ground turkey for beef for years.  But unlike typical Indian restaurants, I had no clue from the smell.  I got a Blue Moon and the Wife had an excellent Bloody Mary.  The food came and it was understated, but great.  Instead of chutney, there were slices of lime and red onion.

The desserts, from Philly, were not to be missed and we got salted caramel cake to go.

The bill should have been about 25% more than it was.  Nor did we have to wait for it: a pet peeve.  Everyone was cheerful and better yet, busy.  Few things put me off more than walking into a restaurant and seeing employees standing around shooting the shit.  There’s always something to done.

Everyone was well groomed and moving quickly.  I started asking questions and the bartender indicated the owner, who was everywhere, ran front of house and his Wife ran the kitchen.

This place is on our way home from the store.  La Bamba is great, but I’m so excited to have found this new hangout.

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