I’ve been spending way too much time on Twitter:

The greatest threat to America is the US Military.

Someday, will commit an act of terrorism. It’s on you, feminized US military general staff.

Rot in Hell, .

Do the right thing, : eat your gun.

If had been a woman, gay or black, he’d be in the gallows.

The US military is adult day care.

My thoughts on The Fragile Generation:

You’ll have to look deep into the comments for the reason: feminization. Women and the men who refuse to stand up to them are ruining society.

People who can’t tell the difference between a kid and a puppy.

Debt peonage is another result.

Men are too afraid to say “Oh, hell no,” and live with the consequences.

The He-Man Woman Hater’s Club in Liberty is giving a kid the opp to get away from their influence.

Most men never know long periods of silence.

The greatest stupidity in the universe dwells in the heart of a beautiful woman.

Men weren’t meant to live as slaves.

Children and debt were invented by women.

Their invention of Jesus is a device to reinforce mind control.

After all, a man who will come to Jesus will fall for anything.

Taking someone’s word for the nature of reality is cheating.

We were meant to be informed by experience.

Obedience is not love.

Most men become one of the kids.  I choose to be a cat.

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