Systemic Cowardice

I’ve had some time to think about this, and if anybody is being feminized, it is their fault for not standing up for themselves.  Lord knows, the most dangerous thing a woman can do is become pregnant.  And the state has stepped into the economic shoes of poor men, casting them adrift from their families.

Capitalism has done a pretty bad job with gender equality and at the corporate level, a good old boy network no doubt holds sway.  I’m not sure if the neoliberalism which has destroyed education, science, medicine etc., goes beyond substituting greed for merit.

Hollywood, like everything, is dying and Weinstein is merely part of the process.  It’s a good thing anytime people feel safe naming their attackers.  Careers are properly ruined, but who needs a House of Cards Season 6?

Helicopter parents and a fragile generation are probably the results of moms making up for lost time at work, granted to pay for cars, homes and schools they really don’t need.  I put that more at the feet of tribalism.

And if Bergdahl is crazy, he should have gone to a mental health facility.  But the military’s decision to induct him is consistent with feminization expressed by a counterinsurgency doctrine of winning hearts and minds by building schools and hospitals after we’ve bombed them.

Whereas lobbyists design our weapons, officers exhibit a sense of entitlement where the crusade is interpreted as patriotism.  The results are a military reduced to terrorism with equipment that is often older than their grandparents.

WWII was the last victory the US enjoyed and now we’re subjected to no-fly zones in Ukraine and Syria, Russian electronic countermeasures which dominate the battlefield and charges of illegal war.  We can’t field infantry of any kind and regularly ask special forces to do things for which they were never intended.

So, yeah the military is feminized and the reason again is cowardice.  Unfortunately the cancerous cause of Zionism means perpetual war, lest Israel be threatened.  These people, often women, optimize a corporatized military and medias’ unwillingness to stand up to them.  Other than in the comments on websites, we are left to Robert Parry, Paul Craig Roberts and Ron Paul.  Even arch paleocon, Pat Buchanan, fails to mention the neocons and their warmongering.  Rush Limbaugh references them indirectly, but Hannity nearly had a stroke recently when Ann Coulter referenced them.

So, we have cowardice in the media, but not feminization.  The Walmartization of society, where people leave the house inappropriately dressed is probably more a function of austerity.  Relaxed attire at work extends to all but the oligarchs, who appear increasingly more conspicuous.

I’d accuse Hillary of feminizing the Dems, but she’s not attractive or charming.  Her failure is more one of hubris than cyclical political decline.  Indeed, only her mendacity prevented Bernie Sanders from being President.  That’s where cognitive dissonance comes in.  They are just now processing the election result to understand that Trump is not the cause, but Hillary.  I expect a volcanic explosion of outrage against her soon.  And then there will be the inevitable realization that Trump is not terrible, but doing a pretty good job for a neophyte.

The alt right and left are insignificant.  Antifa is a product of the Zionists and the white supremacists are merely disaffected dead enders.   What we have are millions of troubled liberals, millions of deluded conservatives and millions in the middle who are thoroughly entertained.

The show on the Left currently features a daily bombshell, whereas the Right is constantly reminding that the Tea Party pols they’ve elected care more about money than serving constituents.

Millennials are pitiable for being robbed of a future.  Obligatory college debt renders home ownership untenable.  They will also be heard from loudly.

Their parents were subjected to corporatized democracy or inverted totalitarianism by addiction to consumerism and resulting narcissism.  Bertrand Russell said each were challenges to be overcome in an industrial society.  The resulting apathy and ignorance during what Jeremy Grantham says was an unprecedented period of wealth from cheap oil is especially unforgivable and responsible for our current predicament.

The Silent Generation enjoyed their lives after WWII, having been too young to serve and pampered as no generation ever before.  As their children came along, they were subjected to the cold war and manufactured Soviet threat inflation as cause to grow the military budget to its current untenable proportion.

These children, the boomers, perpetuated the good life and adopted a healthy indignation for it all, resulting in the ultimate spoiled brat of public policy, AKA postmodernism.  Fifty years later, we have two generations of people never schooled in the classics and doomed to repeat the same mistakes a historical perspective might have avoided.

Which brings us to now and the Bacchanalia of materialism and debt that James Howard Kunstler calls the greatest waste of resources in history.  It is truly madness and a result of the failure to be involved in politics and take a stand for austerity.  The conservative revolution since 2010 imposes fascism on those completely innocent of debt and promises not only inequality, but genocide.  Moreover, these Libertarian Christians do not possess the skills to be politic and therefore govern.

Steve Bannon promises to primary these creatures with nationalists, but I suspect it will take a couple of election cycles to run the rats from state houses and Congress.  Until then, a lot of people are gonna be subjected to more pain and we will probably lose at least a generation before prosperity returns.

Climate change also mitigates against a better future than we now enjoy.  The failures of the Left to fight for environmentalism, labor, peace and education doom us to idiots on the right who indulge in magical thinking.  Given the political vacuum on the Left, socialism as the result of nationalism may be the best way forward and history is not kind to that example.

Whatever, we’ve had Zionism with us since WWII and our neoliberal/globalist pols regularly act treasonously by promoting the cause of Israel over that of their country.

Ukraine is the perfect opportunity to finally bring these imperialist warmongers to heel.  They’ve set up shop there and attempted to suborn the government to disastrous effect.  Fortunately, the neocons do not know or care about military realities and have become pratfall artists on the border of increasingly unamused Russians.

We haven’t tested an ICBM warhead since 1962 and must rely on Russia to sell us rockets to launch satellites.  These pathetic circumstances virtually guarantee we won’t launch against anyone.  Tactical nukes delivered conventionally are another matter, but so far it is a decision the neocons have been reluctant to make.

Trump’s capitulation to the neocons is discouraging, but given the enormity of a Zionist Deep State, it was probably necessary.  However, over time, the ability of the US military will continue to degrade, limiting tactical options to false flags and terrorism.  Also, as the legitimacy of  the media continues to degrade, so does the secrecy upon which the neocons depend.

Putin is a great American and perfectly positioned to help us run these insane murderers to ground.  We are already pretty far along the continuum from generations of demonization to the realization that Russians have our best interests at heart for the simple reason that a peaceful America means a better world.

Putin and Trump are allied against the oligarchs and their neoliberal/globalist hold on the US and Europe.  Trump’s nationalist campaign promises spoke of this and better relations.  I have no doubt of his and Bannons’ ultimate desire to get there.

Say what you will, but they are not cowards.

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