The Death of Israel

From Grieved in the comments at Moon of Alabama:

Nasrallah says essentially that all the Muslim world must now act to restore Palestine to its stolen sovereignty, and to destroy the imposter and occupier state of Israel.

It would go against all previous history of Nasrallah to consider this as simple rhetoric. So, I find myself a little stunned to think that we are actually at this point. That the Middle East will in fact eject the invader. This seems like such a big thing on the world stage, an epic milestone in history, perhaps about to come about over the next few years.

I would expect warriors to engage with Israel, and the nations of the world to begin a lot of talk. Out of the talk will come justice for Palestine one day, in some form. The inhabitants of Israel will not be destroyed, but they will have to negotiate a way to live in peace with their neighbors, or go elsewhere. The current state of Israel will be destroyed as a sovereign state. It will have to continue as a different kind of entity in order to remain on some of the land it currently occupies. All of this will be established through the words. But it will be the warriors who will force it to become manifest.

From the linked Sic Semper Tyrannis:

The first Iranian military convoy crossed into Syria coming from Iraq through the Tell al-Badi crossing during this week..

The cars were transporting Iranian and Iraqi forces to fight alongside the Assad regime. I believe this could signal the activation of the long-planned Tehran-Damascus road,” the Iraqi official told the New Arab…

If these claims are true, this can be considered as a huge achievement for Iran and its allies, mainly Lebanese Hezbollah. For the last four years, Iran was shipping weapons and ammunition to the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Hezbollah through an air route. This method allowed Israel to identify, track and target Iranian arms shipments to Hezbollah easily, as only few cargo airplanes land in Syrian airports every day.

However, now Israel will be incapable of identifying any Iranian shipment on the new ground route, as it will be used by thousands of Iraq and Syrian companies on daily basis in the upcoming months. Experts believe that this will give Hezbollah and the SAA a huge advantage over Israel and will allow Iran to increase its supplies to its allies.”

From the cited Movimiento Politico de Resistencia:

The striking workers have paralyzed Israel. Government offices, banks, schools, clinics, the main airport remained closed for the largest strike in the country in many years of the workers of the pharmaceutical multinational Teva, who protest the massive layoffs.The strike was called by the Histadrut union when last week Teva announced that it would cut a quarter of its work force as part of a grand reorganization plan to save the monopoly.

The strike is the largest labor action in the country in several years, affecting almost the entire public sector. Banks, the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, post offices, government offices, the Knesset (parliament), ports, airports, the public utility, health services, universities, local municipalities and regional councils are closed.

Although most schools are already on Hanukkah holidays, they will also close several museums that are normally very popular during the holidays, including the Israel Museum in Jerusalem and the Eretz Israel Museum and the Jewish People’s Museum in Tel Aviv.

The multinational obtained huge tax benefits from the State that will not be returned and, despite its failure, the bosses of the company still enjoy high wages and high-end cars.

The Marker newspaper announces that the US pharmaceutical market is over for Teva. The world market for pharmaceutical companies is divided into giant companies with enormous financial capabilities, on the one hand, and small niche companies, on the other, while Teva was in the middle.

The company owes 35,000 million dollars and has lost 70 percent of its market value. It will probably disappear as an independent capital. As Marx explained, capital will be centralized. The shares of Teva will be purchased by third parties or will cease to exist completely after merging with another company, or it will become a small niche company, without international capital.

From karlof1 in the comments at MoA:

One aspect most know but isn’t being discussed is that the Palestinians have their own Bomb–The Population/Demographic Bomb–which is why all civil/civic rights are denied them–they now could actually out vote the Zionists and place themselves in power–IF–they got the opportunity. The Palestinian Bomb is the reason why the Zionists continue applying Hitler’s Final Solution tactics as they have since 1945.

From les7:

Until now (albeit indirectly), Nasrallah had been content to (like the Palestinians already did formally) recognize Israel’s right to exist – much like Iran – and to wait for history to take care of the State – which they both saw as an ‘aberration’.

This speech marks a huge shift away from that position towards confrontation with an explicit goal of destroying the Israeli state.

From Debsisdead:

Notice how the Bethlehem xtians have told Mike Pence to piss off– no publicity for the pretend evangelist since his boss pulled the Jerusalem stunt.

From Lozion:

Yes slowly but surely, Zionism is toast.


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