Russia Mocks US

Russia sends more S-400 SAMs to Far East amid N. Korea tensions

Wife Of Fusion GPS Founder Admits Her Husband Was Behind Fake “RussiaGate” Story

[C]entral elements of the Russiagate scandal emerged not from the British ex-spy Christopher Steele’s top-secret “sources” in the Russian government—which are unlikely to exist separate from Russian government control—but from a series of stories that Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson and his wife Mary Jacoby co-wrote for TheWall Street Journal well before Fusion GPS existed…

Now the strategy becomes clear. Sessions is not an imbecile or spineless, he took air out of the ball so he could run down the clock.

Iranian MPs back bill recognizing Jerusalem as Palestinian capital

US Slashes United Nations’ Budget By $285 Million Following “Stunning” Jerusalem Rebuke

Washington’s seasonal tidings of Phoenix-style dirty war for Afghanistan

[T]he Trump administration has signed off on commando-warfare in Afghanistan, not with large troop numbers strewn across the country but with hunter-combat units operating behind enemy lines. In short, elite killer teams.


Anti-ballistic missiles (ABM) are and have been the Holy Grail of defense planning for more than half a century in the United States. The problem is that no matter how much money is hurled at the problem—and billions of dollars have—the goddamn things just don’t work.

Russia Tests Powerful ICBM Capable Of Overcoming Missile-Defense Systems

The Obama-Hezbollah Conspiracy Could Shake The “Deep State” And Latin America

US Spy Satellites Catch Chinese Ships Illegally Selling Oil To North Korea

What We Don’t Talk about When We Talk about Russian Hacking

[B]y finding foreign demons who can be blamed for Trump’s ascendancy, the Democratic leadership have shifted the blame for their defeat away from their own policies without questioning any of their core assumptions.

Israel Braces For “Earth Shattering” Indictments Against Netanyahu

The unmitigated hubris, if not gall, to take credit for this is not so appalling as the booger-eating morons who agreed with him.

‘We were on their tail, which means victory in dogfight’ – Russian pilot on coalition jets in Syria

Check out the picture and one of the aircraft has the 5th gen nullifying khibiny ECM pod on the wingtip. Makes the F22 and F35 useless…

[I]n the US own words the Sukhoi was so superior the US said it was like ckubbing baby seals against F22, Superhornet and F35.

Israeli teens tell Netanyahu they won’t serve in IDF, slam occupation of Palestine

Pepe EscobarThe petro-yuan bombshell

Washington would see Riyadh embracing the petro-yuan as the ultimate red line…

Both Russia and China are buying up all the available gold on the worlds markets, after which they will introduce gold backed currencies…

[W]hat we are looking at here is the return of a global gold standard, & presumably that is the objective of both China & Russia, in order to stabilize the global financial system…

Trump’s NSS is merely a rehash of Global Vision 2010 and Global Vision 2020, which form the basis for the Outlaw US Empire’s primary policy of attaining Full Spectrum Dominance, the policy adopted to fulfill GHW Bush’s New World Order dictat from 1991.

US-Led Coalition Won’t Target ISIS in Syrian Govt Territory

Russia: US Training Former ISIS Fighters to Destabilize Syria

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