Trump Mocks Me

It’s not like I was hanging out with Alex Jones or Steve Bannon, but I was pretty far gone down the dead end otherwise known as defense/apology for the Orange Swan.

The entirely predictable/inevitable subjugation of Iran’s commemoration of the latest failed coup in 2009 by CIA/MI-6/Mossad with Pahlavist exiles, burning trash cans and attacking police stations, nevertheless hit me like a punch in the stomach.

#Trump‘s ingenious plan to destroy #Zionism is working perfectly.

People smarter than me have referred to my vacillations as performance art.  But I don’t need to listen to Rush or Hannity anymore to understand the Zionists have completely co-opted right wing media with Russophobia and rabid warmongering against terrorists, who happen to be Persians, regardless of recent evidence.

The Left may be stuck in the denial stage of grief, but the Right is irrevocably stuck on dumb.  I hadn’t realized just how much shit was on the windshield until Trump took credit for the victory over ISIS in Syria.

Sorry, but only an insane neocon could flip reality so as to represent an obvious Russian/SAA/Hezbollah victory as otherwise.  But that is what these people do.

I could barely believe it when my Twitter Trump echo chamber went ape shit for the Iran protests, cheered on by POTUS.  Fortunately, the foreigners I follow shed light on organic economic protests escalated by calls for regime change.

All ye need know is that Nikki Haley is for it.

My demented mind so wanted to redeem Trump and his worshipers that I constructed a diabolical strategy of pretending to cater to the warmongering Zionists so that he could hang out with Ivanka and still act like Ron Paul.

I even constructed a realization in Trump’s mind that Putin was the world’s greatest leader in the war against the fifth column oligarchs and the warmongering Zionists.

I rationalized my psychosis by using a couple of anecdotes to presume that Trump despised Kushner and mocked Pence.

However, if Trump remains in deep cover against deep state, with the subjugation of the Palestinians and Christians on behalf of Israel in Jerusalem, he has finally lost even me.

“Sometimes it is necessary to be lonely in order to prove you are right.” – Vladimir Putin

Trump is anything, but alone.

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