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in a state of pitiful or contemptible intellectual or moral ignorance, typically owing to a lack of opportunity.

Michael Wolff uses the word often in Fire and Fury. It aptly describes the Trump family, and its complete ignorance of politics.  Worse, the POTUS comes off as a malignant narcissist:

Trump, as almost anyone who had ever worked for him appreciated, was, despite what you hoped he might be, Trump—and he would invariably sour on everyone around him.

Most recently, that includes his erstwhile political brain, Steve Bannon, who remains in Trump’s head, despite the ingratitude.  Would that Bannon were the worst of his problems.  For that, beyond Trump’s reported inability to focus on anything for even a few minutes, we must look to his children, and especially his daughter and son-in-law, referred to as Jarvanka.

Having attained the unimaginable—bringing a fierce alt-right, anti-liberal ethnopopulism into a central place in the White House—Bannon found himself face to face with the untenable: undermined by and having to answer to rich, entitled Democrats.

But, unlike the long list of staff who are now gone, they remain, to the continuing detriment of Trump’s legacy.  However, if Wolff is right about the money laundering allegations, Mueller will in time take care of Kushner, at least.  Not that Trump needs any help:

In presidential annals, the firing of FBI director James Comey may be the most consequential move ever made by a modern president acting entirely on his own.

This was a petty and stupid decision which precipitated all that the DOJ will do to put them in jail.

More recently:

[I]t was the Jarvanka idea to try to trade off amnesty for the border wall.

Wolff contends that the 35% of Trump’s base is authoritarian and immune to the logic that campaign promises are going by the way like so many ignored road signs.  However, that is not sufficient to gain re-election and almost certainly means impeachment.

If Wolff is to be believed, a preponderance of evidence suggests POTUS is a child.  He regularly berates everyone, including his children, and his personal assistant, Hope Hicks, only survives by being an enabler.  This derision even extends to his NSA:

“He looks like a beer salesman,” Trump said, announcing that he would hire McMaster but didn’t want to have another meeting with him.

Regarding leaks, it appears many of them come from Trump himself, with his marathon nightly phone calls to billionaires like Rupert Murdoch, who literally feed on his disclosures.  According to Henry Kissinger, the White House has devolved into “a war between the Jews and non-Jews.”  And each faction has its own appointed leaker:

Kushner enlisted Scarborough and Brzezinski in something of a regular morning television Bannon slag-a-thon.

At present, the White House is run by Goldman Sachs alumni , Dina Powell and Gary Cohn.  Of course, this does not bode well for opponents of globalism/neoliberalism.

Regarding the book, I couldn’t put it down, as it reinforces many of the perceptions we have gathered regarding this Black Swan of an administration.  Absent Hillary Clinton as an opponent, neither Trump nor the rumpled Bannon will ever be elected, especially as the latter has recently been divorced from Breitbart.

Michael Wolff, even if you disagree with some of his opinions, has, by illustrating the Trump administration, done the country great service, even if we are powerless to do anything about it.

Remember above all else: narcissists have no political allegiances beyond themselves.

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