Demise of the Christofascists

From John Michael Greer:

[T]he absurdity of Christians in America supporting a political agenda that directly contradicts the teachings of Christ has begun to sink in, in a big way, among young American Protestants. The devil’s bargain by which the evangelical Protestant churches sold their souls to the Republican Party in exchange for political influence was never destined to have a long shelf life, and it’s starting to stink too strongly for a good many sensitive noses. Donald Trump, interestingly enough, seems to have been the bright orange straw that broke this particular camel’s back; a great many young evangelical Christians, watching their elders turn cheerleader for a man who’s a poster child for every one of the seven deadly sins, have had enough.

I was born in 1960, and shortly thereafter began my general disdain for adults and WASPs in particular.  I was especially appalled by the masters of passive-aggressive behavior, the Quakers.  In school, I was introduced to the kids who belonged to the country clubs, but already had neighbors who spent money like water, introducing me to the sin of envy.

I watched what Jeremy Grantham would describe as the greatest period of cheap energy ever nearly turned into thermonuclear Armageddon.  Imagine my disgust at learning certain of these Christians would hasten such a thing in order to bring about the end times prophecy from Revelations.  It seemed the natural inclination of humanity was destruction.  When the hippies started protesting the Vietnam war, I paid attention.  We lost JFK, MLK and RFK and it looked like the war was finally coming home.

Watergate sealed the deal for me as a cynic, and events have since escalated to galvanize my doubt about adults.  Bill Clinton officially put to shame the office of President, as one of our greatest Republicans, effectively driving the Left to the Right and the Right insane.

Therefore I contend this realization that things were nuts began a long time ago, perhaps the first time someone was convinced by another as to the nature of things.  The Rev. Chris Hedges teaches that taking someone’s version of things is cheating, rather than taking life as it comes and coming to our own conclusions.  I was fortunate to have parents who shared my disillusions and was encouraged to find my own way.  My aversion to anything organized has so far led me to a healthy agnosticism, where I still pick up bits from everything which seem to make sense.

I battled the Tea Party for three years, until it became apparent to everyone that the evangelicals were merely useful idiots for the Libertarian fascists and Zionist warmongers.  We’ve yet to throw off their masters, but the jig has been up for the Christofascists since they came to power, succumbed to the lobbyists and proved they had no idea how to govern.  Things are so bad that legislation in a lot of state houses in written by the Libertarian ALEC.

Evangelical pols were often never trained for politics and merely recipients of Obama backlash.  Of course, we’d just been through eight years of W. mocking the megachurches.  Trump also benefited from Obama, and the impossible Hillary.  But the social conservatives have finally painted themselves in a corner by worshiping materialism and becoming debt slaves.  Sure, the kids are tired of waking up on the floor, but even in my day kids lived in the country club, but couldn’t afford furniture.

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