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Kathy Manning

I find myself in the awkward position of having just attempted to memorialize the late great Bob Parry and putting up an hilariously anti-Semitic post about government and politics in Greensboro.  Regardless, the similarities to Zionist warmongers are profound.

Before I get started, allow me to refer to my demonstrated history of running Tea Party Christofascists to ground.  Yes, God smiles on me.

From John Hammer at The Rhino Times:

On Monday, Amiel Rossabi, representing Scarfone, and Bruce Ashley, representing the City of Greensboro, appeared in the court of North Carolina Superior Court Judge Andrew Comer to argue about a preliminary injunction to stop the city from moving forward with the construction of the parking deck, requested by Rossabi on behalf of Scarfone and Greater Greensboro Entertainment Group, which does business under the name Cone Denim Entertainment Center…

Judge Comer asked, “Don’t you still have to show that it is for a public purpose or use?”

Ashley said, “The governing body of the municipality is charged with making the decision.” He added that all the proper procedures had been followed.

From an editorial in today’s News & Record:

The city of Greensboro has bungled a proposed new $30 million downtown parking deck on Davie Street so monumentally that it seems to be trying to screw up.

How do you not instill public confidence in the public-private project, which would meld the deck with a new Westin Hotel at the Elm Street Center site?..

Didn’t you learn from the struggles of another public-private project, the planned new performing arts center, that even the best intentions can jump the rails if the taxpayers believe you’re not telling them everything?

Kathy Manning is chief fundraiser for the IGMFUPAC, for which city council has so far approved $40M in bonds without voter approval.

From Jordan Green at Triad City Beat:

“I’m also really amazed at people who would invest in a business and put themselves in a very precarious situation of not controlling parking and entrance and exit to their business,” Hoffmann said. “What were you thinking? Did you think that this very valuable piece of property in downtown Greensboro was going to be like this forever?”..

The lawsuit makes electrifying albeit unsubstantiated claims that the hotel project partners and their spouses, including a Congressional candidate backed by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, improperly influenced city council members, including promising campaign contributions in exchange for support for the project…

“The wild, fact-free, false allegations concerning Kathy are motivated by politics and the plaintiffs’ desire to get cash,” said Tori Taylor, Manning’s campaign manager. “These folks have already been offered compromises and compensation but just want more. We encourage the plaintiffs to stick to the truth and seek a remedy that works for the public good instead of playing politics just to get a payday for themselves.”

“I have never had a conversation with Kathy Manning,” Hoffmann said.

You can’t take a stroll downtown without almost tripping over Nancy Hoffman.

Barber said in an affidavit filed on Jan. 19 that he and other council members were aware of “the current business challenges” of the Elm Street Center, a venue near the proposed hotel site, “and the debt associated with and being carried by the existing business.”

Manning is married to Lenny Kaplan, a rich momma’s boy, who is involved, among other things, with Elm Street Center.

The Dixie Deck, also known as the February One Parking Deck, is the city-financed deck to support the planned Westin hotel.

Objectivity is absent.  February One memorializes the Greensboro sit-in movement.

At this point, it’s just piling on or punching down.  Still, it’s funny and I don’t care.

From Under the Dome in December:

Manning filed her candidacy Wednesday for the Democratic nomination in North Carolina’s 13th District, a seat now held by first-term Republican Rep. Ted Budd…

But Budd’s campaign already claimed, offering its assessment of “The Real Kathy Manning” and labeling her as “an establishment Democrat insider” with ties to national Democratic political figures such as Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi.

Budd is backed by the Club for Growth.  Even if he weren’t, he couldn’t possibly lose.

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