Death to Israel

With the release of the Pentagon’s Nuclear Posture Review, there can be no doubt that the warmongering Zionists have taken over the US military and are on an insane path to nuclear confrontation:

Russia’s belief that limited nuclear first use, potentially including low-yield weapons, can provide such an advantage is based, in part, on Moscow’s perception that its greater number and variety of non-strategic nuclear systems provide a coercive advantage in crises and at lower levels of conflict. Recent Russian statements on this evolving nuclear weapons doctrine appear to lower the threshold for Moscow’s first-use of nuclear weapons. Russia demonstrates its perception of the advantage these systems provide through numerous exercises and statements. Correcting this mistaken Russian perception is a strategic imperative.

Therefore, it is time to begin holding those responsible for this madness.  Since we can’t very well descend on the Pentagon, those of us who would do something about these Israel First traitors must necessarily begin in our own communities.

But first, you must prepare to die or be imprisoned.  I am happy with that bargain and have arranged my affairs for such an outcome.  In my case, I have compiled a list of leaders in my city who regularly support the state of Israel over that of the United States.  I know where they live, work and what they drive.  I suggest you do the same.

When the first nuke is launched,  I intend to begin murdering these people.  I will not die without blood on my hands.

The only way we can stop what is surely coming is by removing these people from our country.  When nuclear war occurs, for whatever reason,  know that I am coming to kill you.

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