Pentagon Requests $550M for SDF

From The Saker:

On February 10, the Syrian Air Defense Forces (SADF) shot down an F-16I fighter jet of the Israeli Air Force (IAF) during Israeli airstrikes on targets near Damascus and the T4 Airbase…

At 8:45 the IAF conducted a series of airstrikes on the Al-Kiswah area near Damascus. The IDF said that that the airstrikes targeted “Syrian aerial defense array and additional Iranian targets”. The SADF reportedly downed most of the Israeli missiles and launched more anti-aircraft missiles at IAF warplanes. No hits were reportedly achieved.

From the comments:

[T]he Israeli airstrikes on Syria were a complete failure where no targets were hit and the Israeli planes failed to breach the Syrian air defences, rather, they flew straight into a hail of fire and dropped their bombs so they could make a run for the safety of Israeli airspace much faster without the encumbrance of heavy weapons loads…

It would appear that one Apache helicopter was also shot down…

It would appear that Israeli electronics did not succeed in jamming the Syrian radars…

It would also appear that Russia used the Khirbiny jamming system on Israeli radars, forcing the Israelis to abort the mission…

I also read that Trump was briefed about the Israeli failure…

Not many people know that the USA lost over 10,000 aircraft and helicopters in Vietnam.

“Rex Rivolo, the fighter pilot whose high-tech navigation aid had led him to bomb the American base at Da Nang, was assigned to fly escort on the first raid, December 18, 1972.

“’I wasn’t worried,’ he told me years later. ‘We were briefed that the B-52s would be using their most secret ‘war mode’ electronic countermeasures, previously reserved for WWIII with the Soviets, that would easily blind the Vietnamese SAM missiles. I knew the countermeasures in my plane didn’t work, but I believed the B-52s had secret, magic stuff that would make them invulnerable. So I thought everything would be OK. That was until three SAMs flew right by me and hit a B-52 high above. The magic boxes didn’t work’. Rivolo watched in amazement as the giant plane cracked open ‘like an egg’ and slowly turned over. Burning jet fuel streamed out in a wave that split into two and then four in vast cascading sheets of flame. ‘The sky,’ he told me, recalling the vivid scene in every detail after forty years, ‘was raining fire’. Fourteen more B-52s were to go down before the raids were called off eleven days later. By that time, Rivolo’s previously unquestioning faith in the promises of the technologists had disappeared forever. ‘I had really believed all that hype,’ he told me. ‘And then I realized it was all bullshit. None of it worked’. That searing moment of truth would cause a lot of trouble in Washington later on”.


From The Saker:

On [February 12], the Pentagon requested $550 million to train and equip units operating under the brand of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), the Kurdish-dominated group described by Ankara as a terrorist organization. The YPG is the core of the SDF. The $550 million will be separated into two parts:

  • $300 million to train and equip the SDF;
  • $250 million for so-called “border security requirements related to the counter-[ISIS] mission”.

In other words, Washington not only tricked the Erdogan government with its promises to drop support to the SDF, but hasn’t even abandoned the idea of establishing the so-called “border force” in northern Syria.

From the comments:

Russian MoD: Al-Nusra, White Helmets Preparing Provocation With Chemical Weapons

From Thierry Meyssan:

[A]t the end of the Second World War, [the SS] numbered close to 900 000, and there was obviously no question of killing them, or even holding them for trial. Many of them went home to be forgotten…

The recycling of the SS was organised by the CIA’s first director, Allen Dulles, and his brother, Secretary of State John Foster Dulles…

International public opinion has retained that for almost thirty years, the United States was a crypto-dictatorship under which hundreds of thousands of citizens were forbidden professional activity, and millions of others were spied on. However, it has completely forgotten that countries as different as Saudi Arabia, Bolivia, South Korea, Guatemala, Iran, the Philippines and Taïwan were governed by cruel dictatorships which relied upon the SS recycled by the CIA [2]. ..

Most of Daesh’s jihadists have split into two groups. The United States (via the Kurdish anarchists) and Turkey treat them as professional combatants and offer them a future as mercenaries…

[T]he FSA was in fact constituted by Libyan combatants from Al-Qaïda under the supervision of the French military [5].  Dispersed twice, it was again reconstituted, and is fighting alongside the Turkish army in Afrin…

Although the Pentagon has abandoned the idea of creating a State to cut the communications route linking the Mediterranean to Iran and China, it has not abandoned Admiral Arthur Cebrowski’s strategy aimed at the destruction of the societies and States of the « non-globalised world » [7].

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