Before it is Too Late

From The Saker:

In a recent interview Putin was asked about the rationale of a retaliatory strike by Russia if she was attacked by the USA.  Putin replied the following: “Yes, for mankind this would be a global catastrophe, for the world it would be a global catastrophe, but as a citizen of Russia and as the Head of the Russian state I ask: “what need would we have a world if there is no Russia?“.

So there you have it, directly from Putin: if the AngloZionist plan is to eliminate Russia (whether physically or otherwise), then the Russian people have no need for such a world.  Consider these words as the Russian version of a very loud, almost desperate, rattle.

And look at how they are all trying to see how far they can “safely” push Russia.

I wonder if that Russian “rattle” will be loud enough to stop the West before it is too late.

From the comments:

The morons in DC can’t help but see that they’ve wasted hundreds of billions of dollars on soon to be useless weapons. But, the key part of that is the ‘soon-to-be’ part. Russia’s new weapons are not 100% fully deployed. IIRC, one is ‘entering production’. I think I saw that a missile will enter production in 2019.

Thus, there is a window of time in which America’s expensive missile defense might still have some use. And there is a window of time before America’s expensive carrier groups are completely useless. The morons in DC are quite likely to determine that it is to their advantage if World War 3 starts sooner rather than later…

Gavrilo Princip was member of a gang controlled by british intelligence service…

Putin’s troubles really accelerated after he defeated the Oded Yinon Plan to destroy and vivisect Syria, and after the mysterious recent meeting with Nutty-yahoo in Sochi, where Bibi, allegedly, began chewing the carpet when Putin refused to obey orders, so unlike the Western slaves.

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