Trump Triumphs Over the Neocons

The American President, seemingly powerless over a Deep State coordinating with the UK to blame Russia for chemical weapon poisonings in Salisbury and rebels in Syria, was informed by the Russians of the latter, thereby stopping the White Helmets from broadcasting another fake video.

The Russians had intel on the gas attack in Ghouta because they are embedded with the Syrian military who discovered two manufacturing labs.

Trump subsequently called Putin to congratulate him upon reelection, but the message of appreciation was delivered.

McMaster is gone and Bolton is NSA.

Trump’s only effective way forward is asymmetrical warfare, where he gives the insane neocon warmongers exactly what they want and watches them choke on it.

Trump has surrounded himself with real men who want to go to Tehran and understands it is a suicidal crusade, even though Michael D’Andrea, the CIA Dark Prince, is already there.

Syria has become Ukraine 2.0.  The Russians have again proven themselves capable of imposing a no-fly zone with ECM and missiles.  With defeats in Afrin and Ghouta, US-backed rebels will make a final stand at al-Tanf, on the road where Iran re-supplies Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Unfortunately, these are the least of Trump’s problems.  Jared Kushner’s part in the Saudi coup and ongoing blockade of Qatar, home to the largest US base in the ME,  in view of his financial problems. all of which Trump had knowledge, qualify as impeachable offenses.

So yeah, the Russians stopped one false flag attack and the Skripal poisoning looks more pathetic by the day.  Putin was reelected in spite of these efforts and the various ministries continue to torture the hapless Brits.

But the warmongering neocons know that Russia and China grow stronger everyday, while US military capability continues to wither.  They are growing ever more desperate and their champion, a foaming at the mouth imbecile, is NSA.

The ouster of Tillerson showed Dunford, Mattis, Pompeo and Kelly to be with Trump.  McMaster’s memo regarding Putin sealed his fate.  They seem to think they can handle Bolton.

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