Perfidious Albion

From The Saker:

I am now deeply embarrassed for the West.  And very, very afraid.

All I see today is a submissive herd lead by true, bona fide, psychopaths (in a clinical sense of the word)

And that is not the worst thing.

The worst thing is the deafening silence, the way everybody just looks away, pretends like “ain’t my business” or, worse, actually takes all this grotesque spectacle seriously.  What the fuck is wrong with you people?!  Have you all been turned into zombies?!  WAKE UP!!!!!!!..

So now we have this touching display of “western solidarity” not with UK or the British people, but with the City of London.  Now ain’t that touching?!

Let me ask you this: what has been the central feature of Britain’s policies towards Europe, oh, let’s say since the Middle-Ages?

That’s right: starting wars in Europe.

And this time around you think it’s different?..

For many months now Russia and NATO have made preparations for war in Europe.  And Russia is ready.  NATO sure ain’t!..

I was born in a Russian military family and I studied Russian and Soviet military affairs all my life. I can absolutely promise you this, please don’t doubt it for one second: Russia will not back down and, if cornered, she will wipe out your entire civilization.

From the comments:

The Franz Ferdinand moment has just happened (Scripal); this nobody man formed a pretext for war so that a bankrupt England could dismantle the burgeoning power of a recently unified Germany…

Right here ^ Saker you have your answer to what happened to the West. Atheism and atheism dressed up as brain dead christianity. “It will all be fine! It’s a plan. Just wait and see. What do I know. What can I do? I trust God”…

The damnable, shallow, deformed christian ideas that emanate from the US about bloody Jerusalem as the capitol of a radiant new world order and God’s plan’s have a lot to answer for in the dense heads of Trump et al…

There is something truly hideous at work in America. It’s oppressive and malevolent and palpable…

The US ground forces are incapable of battle. They can bombard from 75 miles away or rocket and missile strike helpless columns, or mortar humanitarian sites, but they are cowards…

Just as the German population of the 30s were blind to evil, even more so is the US public…

At least I can say I saw it coming.

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