US Sanctions Cross Russian Red Line

From Scott Humor at The Saker:

On Monday April 16, a well-oiled machine of anti-Russian sanctions experienced a major hiccup. This day the US Treasury promised to announce new sanctions against Russia’s companies and persons, if  the US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley to be believed. Why would the US Ambassador to the UN do such things as announcing the US Treasury’s plans is everyone’s guess, especially since this Monday, when it was still earlier morning in the US, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov gave an interview to the BBC, during which he said the following words : “obsession with Russophobia which looks like, you know, genocide by sanctions.”

As far as I can tell no one in media paid attention to his words, concentrating, instead, on things that don’t matter, like Deripaska.

However, someone paid attention, because a few hours latter…

First it was National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow who suggested that U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley was “confused” when she announced Sunday the Trump administration would unveil new sanctions against Russia. Then White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders responded to Haley’s comments in a press briefing Monday, saying the administration is “considering additional sanctions on Russia” but has not made a final decision…

Russia’s government’s dramatic turn in its attitude to sanctions continued with  Lavrov’s remarks and answers to media questions following a meeting of the SCO Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Beijing, April 24, 2018.

“As far as the results of the foreign ministers’ meeting in Toronto are concerned, its anti-Russian underpinnings are clear. Regrettably, this anti-Russian and very slippery line has been followed even by those G7 countries which assure us that they do not share the attempts to isolate Russia.

We will uphold our positions and wait patiently for our partners to realize that these actions are an absolute dead end and lack any prospects.”

Again, Lavrov emphasizes that the US sanctions are genocidal, racist, that they are targeting Russian nation and that they will bring those who impose them to “an absolute dead end.”

The main reason could be the sanctions against Rosoboronexport, the sole state intermediary agency for Russia’s exports/imports of defense-related and dual use products, technologies and services, and Russia’s ability to protect itself and its allies.

Lavrov never exaggerates and always states plainly and clearly of what it is. If the US continues on the path of sanctions it will meet its absolute dead end, because at this point as April sanctions are concerned, the US Treasury moved into territory described in Russia’s new military doctrine as a threat to existence of the nation.

From the comments:

The US understands this much: Russia can be poked fun of, but the Bear can’t be poked without consequence. A surprise slash of the huge clawed arm or a terrifying bite with penetrating teeth awaits the foolish.

This reality permeates the consciousness of the men in the Pentagon first. They are experiencing the Russian EW technologies and SAM efficiency, over and over…

The sanctions are an act of naked aggression against Russia, pure and simple. It is my understanding that based on international and UN ‘law’, they are illegal, and in my opinion they are a defacto declaration of war on Russia…

Nimratta Haley belongs to Sheldon Adelson, who has sponsered her entire political career, and who purchased her seat at the United Nations representing the United States on behalf of the UK-Rothschild ‘Octopus’ Crime Family, a group which also controls the Treasury, Justice Department and FBI…

Larry Kudlow, unlike Haley, is a media representitive of the US-centric Rockeffeller-Kochs, and stands behind Donald Trump, who himself sits astride Pentagon Generals Mattis and Kelly, and who are all together deeply troubled by the UK-Rothschild ‘Octopus’ Crime Family’s plan to destroy the US dollar and replace it with a Chinese Yuan global fiat, because in doing so they will destroy the ability of the US government to spend over 1 trillion dollars annually on defense…

In order to destroy the US dollar the UK-Rothschild Cabal needs the US and Russia to go to war with each other, and they don’t care who wins or how many people die. Such a war will most likely put the nail into the coffin of the United States as a country, which some seem to believe will be good, but will also result in the victory of the UK-Rothschilds ‘Octopus’ in their project for an oligarch controlled unipolar Zionist New World Order…

On May 7th Putin will announce his new government and if what I have read is correct, Russo-Atlanticist Zionist collaborators with the UK-Rothchild ‘Octopus’ are about to have their arses kicked out of the Russian government…

But what if Trump and Putin come to the conclusion that it´s better to get rid of good olde Albion?..

If taking construction, industry, mining and agriculture and service supporting them – the real economy strongholds – Russia has now bigger real economy than even Germany.

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