Beggaring Jordan

From MoA:

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has traditionally been in the ‘western’ camp. It is politically attached to the United Kingdom and the United States as well as to Saudi Arabia and other Sunni majority Gulf states. The Jordanian King Abdullah II has in the past been hostile to Iran. He was to first to publicly stoke fear of a ‘Shia crescent’.  But the new Saudi and U.S. plans for ‘peace’ with Israel are a threat to Jordan and to King Abdullah’s personal legitimacy. He needs to change his position. Provided with the right incentives Jordan could, eventually, join the ‘resistance’ side with Iran, Syria and Hizbullah…

Jordan took part in the war on Syria. While Turkey provided support for the “rebels” attacking Syria from the north Jordan played a similar role in the south. Weapon and ammunition supplies from Saudi Arabia and Qatar were shipped through Jordan and smuggled into Syria. The country welcomed the families of the ‘rebels’ as refugees and provided medical support. The “southern operation room” of the ‘rebels’, run by the CIA, was hosted in Jordan’s capital Amman…

Jordan receives some $1.2 billion per year in military and economic aid from the United States. In earlier years it additionally received $1 to 2 billions from Saudi Arabia and other Gulf States. That still was not enough to compensate for the burden of the war. Since 2011 Jordan’s public debt increased from 70% to 95% of its GDP. Its budget deficit this year will likely top $1 billion…

On May 18 the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) held an extraordinary summit in Turkey to protest against Israel’s atrocities in Palestine and Trump’s plans for Jerusalem. Many heads of states took part including the President of Iran and the Emir of Qatar. Saudi Arabia and its Emirate ally sent only lower level delegations. The Jordan King had been asked(machine transl.) not to attend the summit. He went anyway:

King Abdullah of Jordan told the Istanbul summit that he rejected any attempt to change the status quo of Jerusalem and its holy sites…King Abdullah not only shook hands with Iran’s President Rohani but the two also held the first top level talks between Jordan and Iran in 15 years…

Riyadh’s reported coziness to Israel has worried Jordan which is in charge of the major Muslim shrine complex on the Temple Mount, the al-Aqsa Mosque…

The Trump administration and the Saudi Clown Prince Muhammad bin Salman want Jordan to agree to their ‘peace plan’ with Israel. The Islamic holy sites in Jerusalem would come under Israeli control and would be endangered…

Wherever the U.S. and Saudi Arabia have started conflicts and wars – in Iraq, Lebanon, Qatar, Yemen and Syria – Iran has won.

From Laguerre in the comments:

I don’t think Jordan can really abandon their stance, and change sides. There are no Shi’a in Jordan, but a lot of Salafis. It would have to be a very temporary arrangement with Iran. On the other hand they’re faced day-to-day with Israeli domination. The best solution would be to use the threat of joining Iran to threaten the Israelis, and the US, in order to bring back the subsidies. That’s what King Hussein would have done. He was very bright; Abdullah though is an idiot, and probably couldn’t pull it off. The Angry Arab always goes on about Abdullah, about how he can’t speak Arabic properly (English mother), and how he prefers riding his motorbike on the PCH, rather than actually working.

“They now include chants against the monarchy. This is unusual. Very unusual.”

No, not so. You don’t remember the time when the people of Tafileh barracked Abdullah, when he processed through the town. There’s very considerable contempt for the King.

From Virgile in the comments:

The Trump “Israel” peace plan is to transform Jordan into New Palestine. All Palestinan refugees will be allow to move there and the King will cede place to a Palestinian majority government.

This has always been Israel’s position. Jordan IS Palestine.

From the comments:

Since 70% of Jordanians are of Palestinian descent, any caving of the current monarchy re: control of Islam’s holy si in Jerusalem has to infuriate the masses…

I don’t envy King Abdullah II’s position at all: if he does what he knows he should do, and oppose handing over control of Al Aqsa mosque and the Dome of the Rock mosque to Israel, he faces overthrow by US and Saudi-supported Color Revolution protesters (aided by foreign snipers) and fighting on two fronts (Israel to the west and Saudi Arabia to the southeast)…

It should not be forgotten that the Hashemites were the rulers of the Holy Places of Medina and Mecca before the Saud/wahab alliance pushed them out…

Jordan would be reverting to its original positions if it were to go into opposition to the saudis…

Before Black September (1970-71) Jordan was a supporter of Palestinian liberation, and hosted Arafat’s PLO…

Jordan had “entered into a tacit alliance with Israel not to join in any pan-Arab military operations against the Jewish state, and to quietly recognize its existence. In return, Abdullah would be permitted to annex most of the areas allocated to the Arabs under the partition resolution, the lands on the West Bank of the river Jordan. This unwritten agreement, reached in January 1948, resulted in the neutralisation of the Arab world’s most effective fighting force, the British-backed Arab Legion, based in Transjordan and commanded by the British officer, Sir John Bagot Glubb.”

From Debsisdead in the comments:

 I dunno where people got this weird idea that Jordan is somehow seperate from Palestine. Englanders eager to appease zionists and keep the ‘jew problem’ outa england after ww2 drew a line on a map splitting Palestine into ‘soon to be Israel’ and ‘Trans-Jordan’ wtf that mean tho I dunno…

The greedy and opportunistic Hashemite ‘royalty’ – that’s a big laugh – there is nothing in the least regal about that family’s merciless exploitation of whatever population the contemporaneous imperial overlord demanded be oppressed from ottoman to englander, who the hashemites killed hundreds of thousands maybe millions on behalf of (James at least try to learn something about the issues you endlessly opinionate over), were brought in to trans-jordan to run the joint by the englanders because they understood that dividing Palestinians up is the best way of keeping ’em down – see Saudi Arabia where the vicious and mercenary al-Sauds were enabled by slicing off most of the Shia population and calling that chunk Yemen when that didn’t work as well as expected the englanders made another cut creating North and South Yemen. With Yemen the move was about ensuring that Shia tribes under whose land the oil was, remained a minority and powerless. With the split of Palestine the deal was pretty much the same plan but there wasn’t too much money to be made but ‘something had to be done to stop a flood of psychotically damaged jews from pouring into amerika and england (we tend to forget and I’m not excusing their behaviour in the slightest but merely drawing attention to a reality – that most of the humans who survived the camps were truly fucked up what do they call it in touchy-feely? post traumatic stress disorder? -and raised as they were by lunatic psychos, so are many of their kids, and their kids etc etc).

So the call was made to hack off the parts that are least economic and lacking in resources (cos the zionists don’t want those yet they do want the coastal areas with their agriculture and exploitable resource base) leaving behind a population that is smaller and less able to resist their new masters in ‘soon to be israel’.

Any forward thinking population would simply behead abdullah, he is just another low dog in a long lineage of low dogs. If he tries to protect al-Aqsa that has nothing to do with the humans beings who revere it and use it and everything to do with the need to keep hashemite scum in the manner to which they have become accustomed.

But my guess is that abdullah’s recent pantomime was really all about ambit.

He stages a hissy fit that isn’t really reported outside orientalist media, to let his masters in usuki know he still has a coupla cards in the game, whereupon he is taken aside and thanked for his loyal service, but “times being what they are” it no longer makes economic sense to underwrite the cost of feeding clothing & housing millions of people since recent circumstances have made him ‘surplus to needs’ “however here is a nice fat cheque – a one off mind you, so don’t spend it all at once, and we have found an ideal spot for you and yer family ‘oh great king’, so grab the the kiddies ‘n wives ‘n hop aboard. You’re leaving Jordan”.

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