Destroying Yemen to Save It

From MoA:

Three years of Saudi/UAE bombing have destroyed local infrastructure and production. The ongoing war has already caused mass starvation and the outbreak of a large cholera epidemic. The Yemeni coast is under blockade by Saudi and U.S. naval forces. The only supplies coming in are UN and commercial deliveries through the Red Sea Hodeidah port (Al Hudaydah on the map)…

Tomorrow, when the media will be busy with the Kim-Trump photo-op summit, the UAE forces will launch their attack on the city…

Neither the Emirates nor the Saudis have any interest in letting humanitarian aid flow. They are absolutely ruthless. Earlier today they bombed a Cholera treatment center run by Doctors Without Borders…

U.S. special forces are on the ground in Yemen working closely with UAE forces. U.S. planes are refueling the Saudi and UAE bombers. U.S. intelligence is used in the targeting process. The U.S. supplies the bombs…

The Houthis do not follow the Twelver Shia tradition predominant in Iran, but adhere to the Zaidiya, which in practice is closer to Sunni Islam…

The Saudis see the Zaidiya as an impediment of their influence in Yemen. They want to control the Yemeni government. The Emirates want to control the port of Aden and Yemen’s the oil and gas loading facilities. The Obama administration supported the Saudi onslaught on Yemen to buy Saudi acquiescence with the nuclear deal with Iran. The Trump administration supports the Saudi/UAE war out of lack of knowledge. It has fallen for the Iran myth. It also wants to sell more weapons.

From Robert Snefjella in the comments:

The attack on Yemen is about Yemen’s strategically significant location.

When Britain ruled India etc, Aden at the SW corner of Yemen close to/right across from Africa was a long term British geopolitical ‘prized possession’. The Red sea thataway, India over the water thataway. What a position to have! Checkmate!

Now with the recent Chinese (first) overseas military port base at Djibouti, bit more than a stone’s throw directly across from Yemen and Aden, the Americans and British, who are among those who have a decided habit of ‘wanting to rule us all’, are shitting their geo-political-machinations pants.

Then there is the ‘disturbing historical fact’ that Yemen made nice with USSR, which is just an historical stone’s throw away from Russia/Putin, the monstrous beast that recently had the temerity to allow the people of Crimea to flee into the embrace of Mother Russia, and the Americans subsequently did not realize their wet dream of a Black Sea port in Crimea, merely a stone’s throw away from Russia.

‘But if we kill most of the people of Yemen, then by golly, we will have Aden back, and we can peer suspiciously over the water at the Chinese’. Who at Djibouti, are merely a stone’s throw away from Sudan, which is the door to Africa, and oil, which circumstance is extremely upsetting to the American African military command.

‘What’s a few million dead Yemeni as compared to finally controlling a strategically important port, on behalf of mass murder incorporated, (ghoulish laughter – Cackle hee hee hee)?

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