Trump Destroys the Golem

Russia proved it owned the battlefield in Ukraine, as it does in Syria. Everything else is academic:

Exclusive: Despite tensions, Russia seeks U.S. help to rebuild Syria

The proposal was sent in a July 19 letter by Valery Gerasimov, the chief of the Russian military’s General Staff, to U.S. Marine General Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

A similar channel was used the night a Russian general called Dunford to warn him of the false flag being perpetrated in Douma by Tillerson.

I’m not up to speed on Venezuela, but they appear to be the latest victim of an attempted US-supported color revolution:

Two Drones Each Carrying 1Kg Of C-4 Explosive Used In Maduro Assassination Attempt, US Denies Involvement

This is how a golem destroys its master:

Renewed U.S. sanctions target Iran’s economy, Tehran cool on talks

If you don’t understand that Trump is trying to destroy Israel, you aren’t paying attention.

It is no accident that Pompeo is SecState.

The Koch Government: These 44 Trump Officials Have Close Ties to Right-Wing Billionaire Brothers

The good news is paleocons are not neocons.

Koch Dark Money Funds Anti-Israel Darlings

From the AP: “al-Qaida militants are effectively on the same side as the Saudi-led coalition — and, by extension, the United States.”

MoA: Yemen – The Saudi-U.S.-Al-Qaeda Alliance Is Now Official ‘News’

The Houthis are Zaida, not Twelver Shia like the Iranians. They are backed by Iranian rhetoric but that’s about it. The missiles they launch against Saudi Arabia are from North Korea, not from Iran.

Nikki Haley told the UN:

“And the idea that a Saudi-led coalition had air strikes today against a fish market and a hospital in Hodeida that may have caused dozens of casualties – we’ve hit a new day now in Yemen. And we’ve hit a new sense of urgency in Yemen. If this is what’s starting to happen, civilians are at risk, infrastructure is at risk, and we as the international community have to demand that the two parties come together and understand the seriousness of this.”

Looks like the AP article came out after some Saudis threatened Canada with a 9 11 style attack…

Bilateral trade between the two countries reached a $3.9 billion CDN in 2016, with tanks and fighting vehicles among the top Canadian exports to the Kingdom…

A human rights violation is seen as about the only way for Canada to renege on the contract.

MoA: Codename Acor Sycamore – The Saudi-U.S.-Al-Qaeda Plan To Reconquer

The Saudi clown prince does not tolerate any criticism…

Canada has a controversial $15 billion deal to provide Saudi Arabia with more than 900 ‘Light Armored Vehicles’, 40% of which are actually a Heavy Assault type…

Raif Badawi — Wiki —
Badawi was arrested in 2012 on a charge of “insulting Islam through electronic channels” and brought to court on several charges, including apostasy. In 2013 he was convicted on several charges and sentenced to seven years in prison and 600 lashes. In 2014 his sentence was increased to 10 years in prison, 1000 lashes, and a fine. The flogging was to be carried out over 20 weeks. The first 50 lashes were administered on 9 January 2015.[3] The second flogging has been postponed more than twelve times.[4]..

CBC News was showing a film clip this morning showing Samar Badawi standing between Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton.

John Michael Greer: “The Alt-Right will never be much more than a place where people offended by Ctrl-Left ideology can nurse their grievances.”

Alex Jones, YouPorn, & The New Resistance

I can’t defend Alex Jones, as I always avoided him like the plague.

JMG: “The Alt-Right has learned the same lesson that Donald Trump figured out very early on in the election campaign, which is that the Ctrl-Left can very easily be goaded into self-defeating overreactions.”

Taking out Alex Jones will only make him a martyr. It will only make him bigger. It will only spur even more people to find alternative social platforms…

InfoWars app today is the #4 downloaded app on the iOS Store.

Supplying troops in Farah and Nangarhar provinces from Karachi requires military satellites to alert convoys of Taliban attacks.

Russia Condemns New “Draconian” Sanctions, Weighs Banning Rocket Engines To US

RD-180 engines, produced by Russia’s NPO Energomash, are used in Atlas V rockets of space contractor United Launch Alliance LLC, a partnership between Boeing Co. and Lockheed Martin Corp.

The milsats are also necessary for export of opium from Helmand province.

VIPS Asks Twitter to Restore Van Buren’s Account

In 2011 our colleague Peter published a book, We Meant Well: How I Helped Lose the Battle for the Hearts and Minds of the Iraqi People, about the poor decision- making by both civilians and military that led to the disastrous occupation and faux-democracy development in Iraq. It is Peter’s concern that our country may well be proceeding down that same path again — possibly with Iran, Syria and other countries in the Middle East region.

Why They Fail – The Quintessence Of The Korengal Valley Campaign

It is beyond honest dispute that the wars did not achieve what their organizers promised, no matter the party in power or the generals in command…

U.S. special forces lacked any knowledge of the local society. But even worse was that they lacked the curiosity to research and investigate the social terrain. They simply trusted their new ‘friend’, the smooth talking Pashtun timber baron, and called in jets to destroy his competitor’s sawmill and home.

“This Crisis Is Created By America”: Turks Blame Trump For Economic Collapse

The country’s pipeline operator is raising the price of natural gas for electricity production by 50%…

The crisis is entirely home grown, although predictably, Erdogan would be the last to admit it.

Reverse false flag?

Russian PM: “New US Sanctions Would Be Declaration Of Economic War”

It would save everyone a great deal of trouble if we simply bombed ourselves.

The Skripal sanctions coming up on the 22nd may be the most specious excuse for waging economic war ever offered.

In order to defeat the #Oligarchs#Putin#Xijinpingand #Trump must create a world where no place is safe to hide their money.

In which the Trump admin undermines the US Senate:

Lavrov Tells Pompeo About Russia’s ‘Categorical Rejection’ of New US Sanctions

Pompeo, in his turn, told the Russian Foreign Minister that Washington was seeking improved relations with Moscow.

Rand Paul Against the World

The Kentucky senator and the commander-in-chief have bonded over a shared delight in thumbing their noses at experts the president likes to deride as ‘foreign policy eggheads,’ including those who work in his own administration.

It’s a polite way of saying Zionists and neocons.

Turkish Lawyers Want To Raid Incirlik Air Base, Arrest US Troops For Terrorist Ties

The terrorist is Gulen. The US is moving aircraft from #Turkey to bases in #Greece.

This is consistent with #Erdogan‘s purge of Gulenists in his military, effectively destroying it.

The loss of Incirlik spells the end for NATO in the ME.

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