Kathy Manning

Kathy Manning

Lest I be banned by Twitter.

A tight race is shaping up in an NC district that Democrats have a chance to flip

voters know to be an idiot, liar and thief who supports .

is responsible for Greensboro city council approving $40M in bonds for the without a referendum.

raised millions as head of the , but her husband has come before Greensboro city council repeatedly with half-baked development deals which never pan out.

Because of ‘s husband, Greensboro is currently paying millions to settle a lawsuit brought by the victim of their latest downtown hotel/parking deck project.

City of Greensboro Provoking Rocky Scarfone Once Again Over Downtown Parking Deck Deal

is an immigration lawyer who was selling visas at one point in another desperate attempt to raise money for her husband and hapless business partners.

and her friends are a stain on , who believe it acceptable to lie to the .

and her Nazi Rabbi support ‘s against the .

is a for her allegiance to .

After meeting , the NYC architect who designed the mocked it as “not the Taj Mahal.”

spends millions remaking downtown, but the whores on city council attempt to foil him at every turn because owns them.

is destroying by making it unwelcome to outside investors.

Regarding , there are worse things than being called an by .

Most in the and oppose . Of course, that doesn’t include the ignorant .

Just as the US is ‘s , so is ‘s .

Paitu Bashmagash

The EB-5 Program Is Legally Defective And Has Become A Scam

met once. He replied, “Yes, also smells of fried onions and sulfur.”

was the subject of experimental surgery to stop her nose from eating her face.

unsuccessfully attempted to seduce .

When in , often stays with Greensboro native, , and they have flown in.

When in DC, often drops by for a deep dish .

has a portrait of hanging in his home.

quit attending sessions, after complaining that was too weird for her.

loves to visit Little Saint James with the , where she is frequently mistaken for an ugly third grader.

There’s bad blood between and Roy Carroll because of the parking deck, and also because Carroll has money.

Primarily because of , nobody who’s anybody does anything in Greensboro.

is Greensboro’s emissary to the world, where she runs up huge bills, and then has to wait for the beginning of the month when funds are deposited into her account, so they can pay up and leave.

Broadway producers boycotted NC after passage of the bathroom bill, and also being familiar with , who must always sit up front so she can see the performance.

extorted $75K per month for ten years from Tanger to put his name on the , and the doesn’t even live here.

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