The Invisible Candidate

This past weekend featured Greensboro hosting the NC Folk Festival.  Fortunately, the weather finally moderated for Friday night’s invocation and remained so through Sunday.  A local production, it will bring millions to a community sorely in need of business.

We weren’t able to make it, so I didn’t get a chance to see if NC13 Dem candidate, Kathy Manning, was there, shaking hands with prospective voters, but I’ve seen no evidence of it online.  Never mind that Greensboro is her home town or the biggest city in the soon-to-die gerrymandered district.

From the N&R:

Bolstered by hefty donations from some of the Northeast and Midwest’s more influential business men and women — including the uncle of President Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner — Manning has outpaced Budd in the overall influx of money from individual contributors with various business affiliations.

This is consistent with Kathy Manning’s behavior as chief fundraiser for the Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts.  The satanic altar unto Mammon is the centerpiece in racist efforts to gentrify downtown.  And yet, its namesake, who parted with $10M for ten years of vanity, got his money from his dad, who built those gauche REIT franchises by the superhighways and did more than most to decimate local down towns.  Worse, the scion lives in the Hamptons.

Through a public/private partnership, the Community Foundation for Greater Greensboro, Kathy Manning ran a series of dog and pony shows, attempting public buy-in.  But their documents betray the belief that the voters would not approve bonds to build the IGMFUPAC.  So, they presented city council with a plan for $20M w/matching private donations.   They came back twice for $10M, which was approved without a referendum.  Nobody doubts they will be back for more before the IGMFUPAC, which the NYC architect mocked as “not the Taj Mahal,” is completed.

You would think this a perfect opp for Kathy Manning to get her name and face out front, especially if she were contemplating a run for Congress.  But for the country clubs, she was nowhere to be found.  Even now, her only photos are from events she crashed rather than hosted.

From the WSJ on last week in Statesville:

We saw Manning in what looks to be either a mammoth kitchen or a strangely empty diner.

But as we’ve seen from her husband and his business partners over the years as they’ve appeared before city council with various downtown hotel schemes, these people aren’t interested in campaigning: they merely take what they want.

A perfect example is the latest hotel/parking deck deal for which city council approved $10M.  Their design impinged on a neighbor’s easement and has so far resulted in over $1M being paid to the plaintiff in lawsuits.

Successful pols are generally married to successful people.  Such is not the case with these two country club trust fund kids grown long in the tooth.  Kathy Manning raised millions for the Jewish Federation of North America and is proud of her association with the Clintons.  Regular Greensboro folks, not so much.  Indeed, she is counting on the ignorance of Dems from places like Statesville and Salisbury to put her in.

Meanwhile, Ted Budd is a Koch darling representing a doomed gerrymander.  So, this should be a cake walk.   Indeed, Kathy Manning has the worst political metrics possible.  For me, this is a perfect opportunity to tell the story of what these people have done and are capable of, regardless of the outcome.  If elected, Kathy Manning will undoubtedly go from being an invisible candidate to an absent elected official right at home swimming with DC lobbyists.

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