Russia Imposes Syrian No-Fly Zone

From The Saker on September 20th:

On September 19, the Russian Armed Forces kicked off snap drills in the eastern Mediterranean, which will last until September 26. Some experts claimed that the drills are a show of force and a warning to Israel following official statements by top Russian officials that the Israeli actions, which led to the IL-20 shootdown on September 17, are unacceptable.

From Andrei Martyanov at The Saker:

Israeli aircraft were forced to seek a cover and one can only imagine how warnings were screaming in their cockpits. They saw IL-20 with its huge Radar Cross Section (RCS)…

Reaction of Israel following the events is telling—she went into the full damage control mode with Netanyahu urgently calling Vladimir Putin. He offered the Commander of Israeli Air Force to be immediately on his way to Moscow, all diplomatic, informational, government channels between Israel and Russia got immediately engaged…

There will, however, be some form of no-fly zone and as Vladimir Putin stated Russia will take “the steps that everyone will notice…”

Israel should ask Turkey what happens when one does Russia wrong—Turkish Air Force knows it too well after shooting down Russian SU-24. It got grounded…

Larchmonter445: “Understand that the IDF screwed itself for decades ahead.”

From Robert Bridge at Zero Hedge:

The blame for the downing of the Russian plane and the deaths of its crew members lies squarely on the Israeli side,” Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said.

The Il-20 was famously on the last leg of its patrol and the F-16 attack was timed to take advantage. Russia is not a combatant. Murder.

From Zero Hedge:

At least 25 people are dead and 53 wounded after an army parade in the southwestern Iranian city of Ahvaz came under attack by militants on Saturday, according to state media.

Nearly half of the dead are members of the Revolutionary Guards, according to state news agencies, making this one of the worst attacks ever on the elite force.

While the Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attack, there are conflicting reports over who is behind it. A spokesman for Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, Ramezan Sharif, said the attackers were funded by Sunni arch rival Saudi Arabia

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, however, blamed a US ally in the region – tweeting “Terrorists recruited, trained, armed & paid by a foreign regime have attacked Ahvaz. Children and journos among casualties. Iran holds regional terror sponsors and their US masters accountable for such attacks. Iran will respond swiftly and decisively in defense of Iranian lives.”

From Haaretz:

Russia sent as many as 310 notifications to the Israeli military since the countries reached a cooperation agreement , Konashenkov said, while Israel only notified Russia 25 times…

”We managed to evict 1000 pro-#Iran forces and at least 24 rocket launchers from the #Golanheights for #Israel‘s safety and this is how the Israelis repay us?”

From MoA:

Russia plans to continue its closure of the airspace above Syria’s territorial waters after the end of military exercises on September 26.

From MoA:

The S-300, with a reach of up to 250 kilometers, will be able to target Israeli planes over Lebanon as well as deep within Israeli air space…”

With one dopey, hubris driven blunder the israeli and yankee governments have lost the lot…

Watch for madness and histrionics and more blundering, stupidity…

Zionist meddling is all but over, I think.

From Thierry Meyssan:

We are sure about very little of what actually happened, except that :
– a British Torpedo took off from Cyprus to land in Iraq. During the flight, it violated Syrian air space in order to scan the Syrian defences and make the allied attack possible.
– less than an hour later, four Israëli F-16s and a French frigate, L’Auvergne, fired on targets in the Syrian governorate of Lattakia. The Syrian air defences protected their country by firing their S-200s against the French and Israëli missiles…

This British-French-Israëli action had nothing to do with the international struggle against the jihadists in general and Daesh in particular. It also had no connection with the overthrow of the Syrian Arab Republic or its President, Bachar el-Assad. Its main objective was to kill military scientists, in particular the rocket specialists from the Institute of Technical Industries in Lattakia…

During the Suez crisis, in the middle of the Cold War, the Soviet Union threatened the United Kingdom, France, and Israël with a nuclear riposte if they refused to withdraw from Egypt. At first, NATO supported the Europeans in threatening Moscow with a World War, before changing its mind. In the middle of the Cold War, therefore, the United States temporarily supported the USSR in order to halt the European folly…

President Dwight D. Eisenhower and Vice-President Richard Nixon launched a monetary attack against the pound sterling, sent their naval and airborne forces to interfere with the British-French-Israëli complex, and forbade the use of French military material financed by US funds…

If Israël truly did not inform the Pentagon of its actions in advance, then it can not benefit from US protection, and consequently the mutual non-aggression pact may be called into question by Russia…

President Donald Trump, a great admirer of Richard Nixon’s foreign policy, was thus provided with the perfect occasion to finish with the British-French-Israëli support for the US deep state…

Russia could forbid the United Kingdom, France and Israël from making any intrusion into the maritime, terrestrial and aerial space of Syria without the authorisation of Damascus.

From EJ Magnier:

Tel Aviv misinformed Russia’s Hmaymeem coordination centre, claiming that the Israeli attack would come from the east. The Russian command instructed the IL-20 to move west and land at the airport to avoid being caught in a crossfire. But the Israeli F-16 jets arrived from the west and not the east, leading to the downing of the IL-20 and the death of the 15 Russian servicemen…

From MoA:

The hype about “Iran’s missiles” is just for show. It is a cheap way to convince the Saudis and the Zionist that Trump is doing something they like.

From SST:

Given that the armed forces of the USA & Co cannot function without GPS and easy secure communications, Russia turning off the switch would be a stunning blow.


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