This week has been like swimming in wet concrete.  It ended with me once more residing in Liberty, where my tenant has made a proper home, while he works, coaches basketball and gets his math degree.

Here, at He-Man Woman Hater’s U., there are no nocturnal creatures to disturb you day and night for scritches, food or water from the sink.

Here, no one disagrees with anything I say.  Ever.  It’s in the fucking by-laws.  Punishment liquor awaits.  Just kidding.  The kid doesn’t drink.  Or carouse with women.  I foretold this, having known his mother all my life.  Nothing specific, save that she is, in fact, a woman.

I simply could not watch one more episode of NCIS.

Mind you, the Wife is a retailing genius, and needs to be, given all the fucking clothes she buys.

At least this time (it’s been a year), I’ve a proper car to drive.  The Fun Machine went bang a couple of months ago.  My old truck needs a battery.

And while, as usual, most of my ultimatums went ignored, the house next door sold before her mother could buy it, and we finally dropped that sad bag of shit: eBay.

So there. Mission accomplished.  I worked today, as usual, catching us up so we wouldn’t be in the weeds, tomorrow.  Then I picked up some clothes and mowed the Wife’s yard.

I submit that my grievances are in no way directed at my Wife specifically, but women in general.  I contend that you could plug pretty much any female into the situation and the results for me would be indistinguishable, if not much, much worse.

So, there’s that.  We are solvent and that counts for pretty much everything.  God help those stuck in a dysfunctional relationship and a failing business.  We are exceedingly fortunate, and I plan to keep things that way.

Fortunately, beyond the application of alcohol, and with regular dentist and doctor visits, we are remarkably devoid of serious physical problems.  Still, running a business this size does leave us exhausted, especially in Spring and Fall.

We have some great employees, but so far, surrender of functions bigger than day-to-day has not occurred.  So that means no vacations.  Weekends in Atlanta buying clothes. and days off riding in Darth Beetle are our only respite.

This is not a complaint.  I learned years ago that a successful business runs you.  And if and when it happens, hang on for dear life, even if it costs your marriage.

High quality people are constantly adapting to change.

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