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US Leaving Syria

From MoA: Trump decided that to prevent Turkey from leaving NATO, and from joining a deeper alliance with Russia, China and Iran, was more important than to further fool around at the margins of the Middle East… The neoconservative and … Continue reading

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Gilets Jaunes

From Maurice Gilbert: Among the Gilets Jaunes, many understand intuitively that the current democratic process is dead, and therefore the only option is the occupation of streets and roads… The Gilets Jaunes movement is anti-capitalist:a guttural revolt of the have-nots against … Continue reading

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The Club and the Mob

From James Meek at the LRB: The immense Sunday edition of the New York Times (its biggest ever number, on 14 September 1987, had 1612 pages and weighed 12 pounds)… News International, the owner of the Sunday Times, was carrying … Continue reading

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US in Social Decline

From MoA: “The gravest national security threat facing America is its collective indifference to the steady deterioration of living standards within the United States.” – Micah Zenko His tweet was in response to the 2017 CDC report on mortality in the United … Continue reading

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