Donald Trump isn’t Serious

Russia Touts “Unlimited Range” Of New Nuclear Cruise Missile As INF Unravels

#Trump has no choice but to promote a low yield tactical nuke fired ballistically because #Russia spoofs the #GPS of our cruise missiles.

Trump appears to be a madman for raising the nuclear threat because he can never admit the disastrous performance of Tomahawks in Syria.

You can probably thank John Walker and sons for walking into the Soviet Embassy in 1968 with our submarine comm secrets.

The US didn’t catch the Walkers until 1985.

Given what we saw in Ukraine, I’m not sure NATO can even reliably hit targets with MLRS.…/M270_Multiple_Launch_Rocket…

The #UAF has only shelled the #DPR and #LPR with howitzers and mortars, which they do daily in violation of the #Minsk ceasefire agreement.

If Russia can spoof our mil band GPS, they can also spoof our ICBMs.

From Tucker Carlson, who had a rough week:

For perspective, Napoleon Bonaparte seized control of France, crowned himself emperor, defeated four European coalitions against him, invaded Russia, lost, was defeated and exiled, returned, and was defeated and exiled a second time, all in less time than the United States has spent trying to turn Afghanistan into a stable country…

Listed in one place, Boot’s many calls for U.S.-led war around the world come off as a parody of mindless warlike noises, something you might write if you got mad at a country while drunk.

From Matthew Hoh at CounterPunch:

The Afghan government and military have been the key figures in the Afghan drug trade, not just the Taliban…

Some US military personnel, so disgusted by the overt keeping of child sex slaves, took matters into their own hands, only to be relieved of command and forced out of the military…

The Taliban is not monolithic and is composed of dozens if not hundreds of locally organized insurgencies that fall under the umbrella of larger, regional insurgencies whose leadership is based in Pakistan.

From Jonathan Turley:

I have testified before Congress, warning about the expansion of executive power and the failure of Congress to guard its own authority. The two primary objections have been Congress giving presidents largely unchecked authority and undedicated money. The wall funding controversy today is a grotesque result of both of these failures…

Trump is using appropriated funds. Like the authority under the National Emergencies Act, Congress gave this money to the executive branch without meaningful limitations.”

From Patrick Lawrence at Consortium News:

Pence declared in Warsaw. And in Munich: “America is stronger than ever before and America is leading on the world stage once again.”

Venezuelan Military Reject Trump’s Incitement to Rebel: ‘Over Our Dead Bodies’

Venezuela’s opposition is organising a large international concert in the Colombian city of Cucuta on Saturday, only eight kilometres from the Venezuelan border. The concert, which is being financed by British media mogul and Virgin CEO Richard Branson, is being branded as “Live Aid for Venezuela.”

From Tom Engelhardt:

Never in history has such a great power, at its height, seemed quite so incapable of effectively applying force, military or otherwise, to achieve its imperial ends or bring its targets to heel…

You can feel the unhinged nature of events in a world in which, after so many years of war, America’s enemies still seem to have the formula for staying afloat, no matter what Washington does.

Venezuela – No More Than 20,000 People Came To Branson’s Concert Stunt – (Updated)

The idea failed to attract any globally known acts…

Three Venezuelans, who rammed a barrier blocking a border bridge in Venezuela before defecting to Colombia, seem to have paid little care about the well-being of civilians and injured several people…

Local Media Report that First Truck with US Humanitarian Aid Burnt on Venezuelan-Colombian Border

From the comments:

branson is just another long line of rothschild front men cut outs…

just another city of london satanick sicko…

This was all they could do. It was just a propaganda move. And the bolt is now shot…

The risk-aversion of the US (to put it politely) is huge, much, much greater – in my estimation – than is commonly perceived…

Does Trump really want to go into an election with a new Vietnam on his hands?

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