Banned by Facebook

Update: 16:30: No longer banned, apparently.

It appears that I am unable to publish new posts on #Facebook.

I immediately changed the header to my version of a MAGA hat and am commenting there.

I don’t read #Facebook and only have 92 friends, most of whom are LEOs pretending to be pretty women I’ve never met.

I use it to record things I think or find and combine them in a blog post, later.

I can easily just do that here.

I’ve been using Facebook to raise consciousness regarding the Russian False Narrative since 2014 and recently supported #IlhanOmar and #Maduro.

I often link to articles found on #ZeroHedge.

Top comment at Zero Hedge: “Badge of honor. Wear it with pride.”

For my next trick, I’ll get banned on Twitter. @fecundstench.

The #Google options at the bottom of this post are disabled.

It appears I can post remotely. Lol.

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