Those few following me on Facebook know that the Wife, with the lease ending on her womens clothing store at Golden Gate, signed a lease on Lawndale, beside the fabulously popular Hop’s Burger Bar.

We took possession of the property on July 15, and by Wednesday, construction and painting were complete. She rented a 17 foot truck and we moved cabinets. I’d already moved everything in storage to the spacious basement.

This morning, she dropped me at Uhaul, where I was given a 20 feet truck, as they were out of 17s.

I returned with the rental, 30 minutes before the store opened to find the Wife disconnecting both POS PCs, the printers, router and cable modem, so that the heavy cabinets could be removed.

I called down my first miracle by hooking everything back up and getting it to work, especially as it barely worked in the first place.

The Wife, unable to find anyone to help, and I began rolling cabinets into the truck. By the time the last one was in I was done.

Fortunately, the Wife found a couple of guys having lunch next door who offered to help. They followed us to Lawndale, as the crowd waiting two hours to get in Hop’s watched me park a 20 foot truck. The guys made quick work of the cabinets and the Wife paid them.

The day should’ve ended then, but she insisted we hurry back to the store and begin loading racks of clothes. Normally, I’d have insisted we continue tomorrow, but the next thing I know we’re back at the store and they’re shooting racks of clothes at me.

Normally, I’d have taken my time and tied down each rack, but an employee was waiting at Lawndale with nothing to do, so I half-assed the tie down. and we showed up at Lawndale with half the woefully overcrowded racks, turned over.

We finally righted the mess, reloaded the empty racks and called it a day.

A woman will put you in an impossible situation, if not work you to death, should you allow it.

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