A white woman driving a new Cream Lexus SUV with an #EGBAR sticker just tried to run me off the road at #Lawndale Baptist Church. To be fair, I did exorcise the congregation for vomiting up #Christofascists like Mark Walker.

“Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” was Jim Melvin’s pathetic attempt to placate the country clubs by denying poor people were starving in Greensboro.

My guess is it was Mike Barber’s wife. I’m sure she’s pretty sore about me saying he made a living mocking poor kids, by making them play golf on municipal courses, instead of the country club. Good times.

She was too attractive to be Dabney Sanders. Besides, people who beg for a living don’t drive new SUVs.

Got it. The Mayor’s wife.

I prolly took Sunset from Lawndale to North Elm once too often this week. I could feel them staring at me from upstairs bedrooms as they each sat on Walker Sanders’ face.

What insane cadre of numb skulls puts little #EGBAR emblems on the left rear corner of new vehicles? I may have stumbled on a group of committed fascists, apparently none of them men.

Aha, the country club tennis mavens have moved from the wine aisles at H-T to The Fresh Market.

And of course, they’re sore I mocked the local PGA tournament, which 9 of 10 contenders skipped. #Wyndham

And then I mocked the demise of the #IGMFUPAC architects.

And we moved our store, not downtown, but the Wild West of #Lawndale, right beside the best burger bar in the USA.

And we don’t even need retail, because the internet has never heard of #Greensboro.

We’ve been eating lunch from #TacoMamas this week, and it’s great. Frankly, not everyone is bright enough to eat there. The menu, with unlimited toppings, is daunting. #Lawndale

I can’t wait until that sad dweeb from the N&R phones in his article about us, which no one but people still watching Andy Griffith will read.

Corruption counts on the perception that all successful people are psychopaths, when some of us are sublimely mad, refusing to be complicit. Of course, competing with Fortune 500 stores at Friendly is simply stupid.

This #EGBAR crowd appropriated over $40M in bonds for the #IGMFUPAC without a public referendum, and the last $10M without even a public hearing.

Tanger’s dad made the money and junior chills in the Hamptons.

Try to imagine the horror of having invested all this time and money downtown, only to be mocked by a shopping center built in the ’50s.

If nobody who’s anybody does anything in Greensboro, it’s not our fault.

Student debt is unavailable for bankruptcy, and yet the answer for downtown was student housing for the local diploma mills. #Neoliberalism

Downtown will be populated with kids too young to drink, and yet we’re awash in breweries. #CognitiveDissonance

Nyquil Brewery is funded by a century of crude patent medicines and neocons who funded The Powell Memo.…

Currently, Greensboro’s Center for Creative Leadership, funded by the Smith Richardson Foundation, works in foreign countries to destabilize governments on behalf of American corporations.

We’re one #Epstein document release away from proving that Greensboro’s Center for Creative Leadership is being hacked by Israeli intelligence. #gsopol#IGMFUPAC#Zionism

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