Joe Biden in Ukraine

2. He cooked up and coordinated a scenario with other foreign embassies. In addition, Maidan was dying and it needed extra fuel in order to remain alive. The scenario involved “protestors” being shot by snipers. Biden’s guys (Parubiy, Pashinsky, Parasyuk) organised the massacre.

3. In his memoirs Biden says: “I called the then President of Ukraine Yanukovych and ordered him to leave his post. I made the last of many urgent calls to Yanukovych in late February of 2014, when his snipers were assassinating Ukrainian citizens”. Spot the lie(s).

4. He continues: “I had been warning him for months to exercise restraint in dealing with his citizens, but on this night, 3 months into the demonstrations, I was telling him it was over; time for him to call off his gunmen and walk away.” Spot the lie(s).

5. And further: “Control of the government ended up temporarily in the hands of a young patriot named Arseny Yatsenyuk” “Ended up” = installed by Biden.

6. The Prosecutor-General who Biden got fired, Viktor Shokin, states: “The president told me repeatedly that Biden demanded that I was moved away. A report on the work done by me was prepared, it was sent to deputies, and posted ‘Prosecutor-General of Ukraine’ on the website.”

7. Shokin continues: “If to take these reports, they differ manyfold from what my predecessors could do. There were no objective ground’s for dismissal.” Yes Viktor, except you were sniffing around the corruption of Hunter Biden. Big mistake.

8. Shokin again: “Biden promised Poroshenko that he would bring compromising evidence on me concerning corruption. He arrived in December 2015, spoke in the Verkhovna Rada, said nothing about it, and left. So then I went to Bankova Street.” Okay, what happened next, Viktor?

9. “The conversation was like: – ‘Well, did Biden dig up corruption?’ – ‘He did not bring anything against me’. – ‘So what will we do?’ – ‘F*ck him!’. Approx like this. After all, if the U.S. VP had proof of my corruption, then he would surely use all of this for his aims.”

10. Shokin: “I assume that then the president received another call from Biden, blackmail via the non-allocation of a loan… Poroshenko then surrendered”. DING DING! We have interference in another country’s internal affairs! And why? Joe was protecting his just as corrupt son.

11. During Maidan Biden held dozens of meetings with the Ukrainian oligarchy. His main aim was to ensure that the main TV channels would support Maidan and go along with the script. One such rat is Levochkin, who Biden used as a battering ram to destroy the Party of Regions.

12. In order to ‘persuade’ oligarchs to whore out their TV channels for the purposes of toppling Yanukovych, Biden blackmailed oligarchs by threatening to confiscate their property, initiate criminal cases, reclaim loans, and close the possibility of receiving cheap $.

13. Biden demanded from Yanukovych to create an agricultural bank in order to sell off Ukraine’s chernozems. Yanukovych decided to sabotage Biden’s plans by turning to China instead and shafting the US. As soon as Yanukovych did this, Maidan started. What a coincidence…

14. After Yanukovych had been swept away, the Obama administration initially wanted Klitschko as the President. It was Biden who altered these plans and instead moulded a total nobody who wasn’t at all qualified for the job – Poroshenko. Go to tweet #10 to find out why.

15. Biden wasn’t happy with Igor Kolomoisky embezzling state money – only Biden & Co are allowed to do this! – so Joe initiated the nationalisation of Igor’s “Privatbank”, which the Rada had to do in order to hope to receive another IMF loan (more Biden blackmail).

16. The duel between Biden and Kolomoisky for control over the loot (the latter used “Privatbank” to rob state money) lasted during all of Poroshenko’s tenure. Kolomoisky managed to defeat Biden when the neocons lost the 2016 US election, hence why Igor now controls Ukraine.

17. Yatsenyuk was Biden’s guy for embezzling Ukraine’s state budget money. We’re talking multiple billions of looted cash. But the scheme collapsed when Poroshenko, who at this point had fallen out of favour with the US, had a spat with Yatsenyuk and fired him.

18. Biden would sit in the upper floor of the Rada and instruct deputies how to vote on certain draft laws to ensure the result needed by Joe and Hunter. If a deputy tried to act against the Bidens’ will, they were thrown to the wolves and their Rada career was done.

20. Let’s now cover Hunter Biden, who Shokin wanted to prosecute. “Burisma” was owned by the former Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources Zlochevsky. In 2016 it was handed over to a US proxy body (NABU). Zlochevsky fled Ukraine in 2014.

21. After fleeing, Zlochevsky wanted to evade any punishment and thus brought Hunter Biden onto the Board of Directors of “Burisma”. Zlochevsky gave him €1 million per year. Joe Biden didn’t want Zlochevsky to be punished. However, Poroshenko had other ideas.

22. Petro wanted to milk this case in order to receive some kopecks from Zlochevsky. Petro ordered Shokin to ignore Joe and to start an investigation. Joe then used his proxies (e.g. Sobolev and Shabunin) to organise a campaign to collect signatures for Shokin’s resignation.

23. Geoffrey Pyatt was also putting pressure on Shokin since he also was receiving a nice slice from the Ukrainian pie. The case against Zlochevsky was closed by Biden (NABU and SAP) only after Zlochevsky – via Onishchenko – handed a business proposal over to Poroshenko.

24. I.e., Poroshenko, knowing that Zlochevsky was untouchable and would be defended by the US, decided to milk the situation anyway, since in the worst case scenario Biden would just close the case. But Poroshenko’s reputation fell after this, and Biden already wanted him gone.

26. Hunter Biden’s US-based firm “Rosemont Seneca Partners LLC” received regular transfers into one of its accounts – usually more than $166,000 a month – from Burisma from spring ’14 to autumn ’15, when Joe was the main US official dealing with Ukraine.

27. Shokin’s successor Yury Lutsenko also had a good look at “Burisma”, but had no motivation to do anything about it (he’s corrupt too)…. until now, when Trump needs that dirt in order to sweep the Bidens away. Ukraine owes Trump a favour. Why?

28. Trump’s campaign HQ leader Paul Manafort was compromised by Kiev in 2016, after they gave the Democrats a list of persons who were being financially fed by the Party of Regions. Manafort is on this list. But now it’s time to kiss the ass of the new sheriff in town.

29. Trump for sure has access to a mountain of dirt on Biden. Here is an example: Biden and Kolomoisky, separately, are involved in plundering $1.8 billion of the money the IMF allocated to Ukraine in 2014-2015. And that’s just from ’14-’15. Imagine what else Joe pocketed…

30. In addition to Hunter Biden, the former president of Poland Aleksander Kwasniewski and Joseph Cofer Black – the former head of the CIA anti-terrorist center and special envoy on combatting terrorism – were also on the Board of Directors of “Burisma”. So the web goes far.

31. So to summarise: Joe Biden participated in illegally overthrowing the president of a foreign country, installing his guys and firing undesirables, looting Ukrainian state money, extorting local oligarchs, pillaging IMF loans, fuelling fratricide in Donbass, etc.

32. I will end this thread by saying that at the current moment negotiations are ongoing between Igor Kolomoisky (the puppet master of Zelensky), Moscow, and Trump (the EU is secondary here) regarding the future of Donbass and of Ukraine as a whole (especially gas).

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