Kathy Manning Vies for Redrawn NC06

Since being trounced by Republican Tedd Budd for the doomed NC13, Greensboro resident and immigration lawyer, Kathy Manning, has registered to run for newly drawn 6th congressional district, currently held by Greensboro’s Mark Walker.

While living in a castle north of the city, Manning and her husband have been busy downtown, with the performing arts center nearing completion, for which she is fundraising chairwoman. That effort has cost the taxpayers $40M, so far, without benefit of a referendum, which they admitted would fail.

As Roy Carroll apes Nido Qubein at HPU by building student housing downtown for the local diploma mills, Manning’s idiot husband and his friends have finally broken ground on a downtown hotel and parking deck. That effort was approved for $30M without a referendum.

Their plans encroached on the neighboring easement of Rocco Scarfone, who settled with the city for $1M.

I’m told NC Senate leader Phil Berger redrew NC06 in order to deprive Mark Walker, who’d defeated his son, of rural voters, effectively giving the district to the Dems in order to exact personal vengeance and probably sending Kathy Manning to DC.

While I’m no fan of the ALEC-driven Republicans in Raleigh and their fascist austerity, Kathy Manning is desperate to get a DC address. She travels with rich Dems who themselves perpetrate neoliberal polices, just as injurious to minorities and the poor.

North Carolina enjoys a rich tradition of successful partnerships between business and education, as exhibited by the RTP, and constructed by Dems such as Terry Sanford and Skipper Bowles. But Manning, like Erskine Bowles, who pushed austerity by insisting on balancing the federal budget, is a different kind of Democrat, bent more on personal aggrandizement than public good.

Indeed, save for the country clubs, Kathy Manning, is a relative unknown around here: never having served on city council or as county commissioner. No, Manning’s style of politics takes place in private homes and clubs, where her motives are protected.

As heads of national Jewish nonprofits, Manning and her husband run with the bankers and oligarchs who are enriching themselves at the expense of the rest of us. Sending these people to Washington would merely perpetuate the status quo. If they want to hang out in NYC with Erskine Bowles and the Hamptons with Steven Tanger, they should do it on their on dime.

Of course, that is their problem. For whatever reasons, they’ve been unable to rise above their relatively meager origins to become fellow masters of the universe. In this, they remain quite pathetic.

Al Jazeera’s The Lobby has illustrated the hold AIPAC has on this country. Indeed, allegiance to Israel over that of the USA is treason. Fortunately, AIPAC is being seen for the evil it represents and the influence of Zionism in our government is waning.

Kathy Manning’s time to grab power has come and gone. A Democrat will represent NC06 until it is redrawn again, but it won’t be Kathy Manning, a perpetual loser and enemy of the public good.

Take, for instance, Greensboro’s Tanger Outlets, which paid $7.5M to have naming rights to the downtown performing arts center for ten years. Never mind that while the PAC is the centerpiece of downtown gentrification, Tanger’s son runs a real estate investment trust which places outlets by the interstate, effectively gutting local downtown retail. And because nobody who’s anybody does anything in Greensboro, Tanger lives in the Hamptons. Again, this is less about local improvement and more about impressing their powerful friends, at our expense.

Like the local physicians who bequeathed a downtown park, overrun with the homeless, these people are growing older and are desperate to leave a legacy, so as to be remembered by those who have to pay for it all.

City council’s efforts to revitalize downtown have failed miserably, when compared to Raleigh, Charlotte or Durham. Hell, even Mt. Airy has done a better job. The reason is nobody but old trust fund kids are left and they don’t have a clue. Downtown Greensboro is perpetually festooned with vomit, urine and feces. Beggars are everywhere, and worse, traffic enforcement officers.

Downtown Greensboro, as a direct result of Kathy Manning and her friends, has long been a graveyard for new restaurants. Just this week, a proven restaurateur closed her second restaurant due to constant streets closing for construction of student housing.

Another successful restaurateur borrowed $257K from the city to develop four restaurants, only to have the city close one end of the road to the location for over a year to repair a bridge. The effort folded after about a year of struggling.

But this doesn’t bother Kathy Manning, because she only goes downtown to ask for money and votes. The sense of privilege and entitlement is sickening. Barely a fortnite passes without a downtown business closure or some governmental pratfall.

The evidence proves that these people don’t have any money and don’t know how to get things done. The dog and pony shows CFGG put on to achieve public buy-in for the IGMFUPAC were badly received. The primary reason is people are fed up with Matt Brown and the Coliseum, which used to host ACC basketball tournaments until they moved on to cities with better lodging and dining.

A study commissioned to support the need for Kathy Manning’s idiot husband’s hotel, which they’ve been trying to get off the ground for decades, indicated existing downtown hotels served current and projected needs. Roy Carroll even built a hotel for the parents of the kids matriculating at the local diploma mills and living in his apartments.

Republicans in the NCGA knew what they were doing by combining Winston Salem with Greensboro in the redrawn 6th congressional district. The former has enjoyed much more success fostering development downtown and aren’t about to let someone from Greensboro represent them.

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