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Why Trump Will Be Re-Elected

Despite being a Trump supporter from the outset: first in response to Hillary Clinton; and later as a witness to the 2014 color revolution in Ukraine, perpetrated by VP Joe Biden on behalf of President Obama, I still see the … Continue reading

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Operation Warp Speed

From Whitney Webb: “The key objective of pharmacovigilance is to determine each vaccine’s performance in real-life scenarios, to study efficacy, and to discover any infrequent and rare side effects not identified in clinical trials. OWS will also use pharmacovigilance analytics, … Continue reading

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Greensboro’s Landlords and The Great Reset

From Eviction Lab: There were 4,948 evictions in Greensboro in 2016. That amounts to 13.56 households evicted every day. 8.41 in 100 renter homes are evicted each year. Greensboro comes in 7th in the US, but you get to Tulsa … Continue reading

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