Greensboro’s Landlords and The Great Reset

From Eviction Lab:

There were 4,948 evictions in Greensboro in 2016. That amounts to 13.56 households evicted every day. 8.41 in 100 renter homes are evicted each year.

Greensboro comes in 7th in the US, but you get to Tulsa at 11th, before reaching a bigger city, giving Greensboro the highest eviction rate, for a city its size, in the nation.

From The Progressive Pulse in August:

42% of renters, or about 1.2 million people, in North Carolina are at risk of eviction in the next several months.

Of course, the CDC’s eviction moratorium lasts until January.

From WUNC on Greensboro in July:

The property owner, listed as Yaakov Shulman of Village Walk Apartments LLC, says eviction proceedings started against United Youth Care Services before the COVID-19 pandemic, when a moratorium on evictions went into place.

From Naked Capitalism in May:

“The economy can survive the failure of landlords more than it can survive anything else because whatever happens to the current owners of these properties, they will still exist. We cannot say that of any other part of the economy.”

From Michael Hudson in September:

In Volumes II and III of Capital, Marx traced land rent and usury as survivals from feudal times, that he expected industrial capitalism to do away with by freeing economies from landlords extracting ground rent, and from usurious banking.

From WUNC in May:

We also found that some landlords were using the eviction process as a form of collection. Every month a tenant would end up in court for being five days late, six days late on the rent. This would cause them to incur additional fees [of] $200 to $300 … To cover the court cost and cost to the landlord. And that would put them behind in the next month. And this would continue for months … For some [landlords] it’s a tenant they would like to remove from the property. For others it really is an economic strategy. Property managers who have a few units see this as a way to balance their books.

Here, we have direct evidence that the Guilford County court system and Sheriff Department are financed and maintained on behalf of the landlords.

Would that Greensboro’s landlords only preyed upon the least of us. But no, they also captured city council and attempted the fascist racism of gentrification downtown. This has so far been a huge failure, as Richard Florida’s theory of the creative class revitalizing urban areas turned out to be a lie.

By this time, it was too late to stop downtown revitalization, now put in peril by the pandemic.

The Greensboro landlords had stolen $45M from the tax payers for a downtown performing arts center and $30M for an unneeded hotel and parking deck without benefit of referenda, which research and voting history indicated would not be approved.

So, that is the current state of Greensboro, as regards the landlords, with a presidential election approaching and an eviction moratorium coming to an end.

From the N&R in September:

“To tell a landlord that he cannot have any rent and he cannot evict the tenant until after the first of the year, he will have basically gone 10 months without any rent.”

Sorry, but the landlords’ conduct does not recommend sympathy.

Indeed, there is evidence they purposely kept the number of available rental units low, so as to always have a ready supply of new tenants upon whom to prey.

Greensboro’s landlords also rent commerical properties to businesses, especially downtown, where they compete in vain with urban areas like Durham, and their successful performing arts center.

But that was then and this is now. From Broadway Direct, yesterday:

“Broadway’s 41 theaters in New York City are now suspending ticket sales through May 30, 2021.”

Greensboro’s Tanger Center for the Performing Arts was scheduled to open months ago, but COVID-19 has so far postponed that.

From the Rhino Times, last week:

The opening for the Tanger Center remains to be determined as it’s uncertain when it will be feasible to hold live entertainment events there or in the Coliseum.

Meanwhile, the city must pay the bills for maintenance of both venues.

But where will they get the funds, as tax revenues vanish?

From Naked Capitalism, yesterday:

Cities and states are unlikely to get any Federal assistance unless and until the Democrats win the Presidency in November and gain seats in the Senate.

A dispassionate observer understands that the Dems are running a worse campaign than even Hillary Clinton in 2016, practically handing Trump re-election.

States and municipalities are not likely to be funded.

From Zero Hedge, yesterday:

The big conflict here is the Democrats’ burning desire to bail out their party’s governors and mayors colliding with Trump’s aversion to rewarding those officials’ horrendous mismanagement (and refusal to vote Republican). Remember, California, Illinois, New Jersey, and their peers were looking at pension crises (i.e., functional bankruptcy) before the pandemic hit.

Even with the mountain of evictions coming up in January, there is no fresh supply of tenants to take their places.

Nor is their any guarantee the Guilford County courts and Sheriff Dept. will have financial resources to carry out evictions.

We are looking at a Great Reset in Guilford County, next year.

From Pepe Escobar in September:

The Great Reset was officially launched in early June by the World Economic Forum (WEF) – the natural habitat of Davos Man. Its conceptual base is something the WEF describes as Strategic Intelligence Platform: “a dynamic system of contextual intelligence that enables users to trace relationships and interdependencies between issues, supporting more informed decision-making…

Five years ago, the UN’s Agenda 2030 – the Godfather of the Great Reset – was already insisting on vaccines for all, under the patronage of the WHO and CEPI – co-founded in 2016 by India, Norway and the Bill and Belinda Gates foundation…

What has been imposed as an ironclad consensus is that without a Covid-19 vaccine there’s no possibility of anything resembling normality…

Even Schwab’s book admits that Covid-19 is “one of the least deadly pandemics in the last 2000 years” and its consequences “will be mild compared to previous pandemics”…

The Great Reset, for all its universalist ambitions, remains an insular, Western-centric model benefitting the proverbial 1%…

Greensboro citizens have been under attack by the oligarchs since we went off the gold standard in the early ’70s, which has decreased the value of the USD to near worthlessness.

We have also been under assault by the landlords for decades, giving Greensboro the highest eviction rate for a city its size in the nation. Indeed, this number has been manufactured by keeping available rentals low, to ensure a steady supply of tenants for the landlords to prey upon.

The WEF’s Great Reset is almost certain to fail, for a variety of reasons, not the least of which will be Trump’s re-election.

However, Trump’s re-election also spells doom for Greensboro’s landlords and the county government which is established and maintained for their villainy.

Both are excellent outcomes for the average Greensboro citizen.

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