Discretion is the Better Part of Twitter

This morning, after eight years, I deactivated my pro-Russian Twitter account. I’d done about all I could to battle the false narrative and had mocked the locals until I tired of punching down.

Visa and Mastercard cutting off access to Russian customers was the signal to reduce my online footprint.

I’d stopped using Facebook after Trump got elected, such was the insanity there.

I always suspected there might be an American purge of Russian supporters. They may get me yet, but I’ll not make it easy for them. Besides, I had long ago been preaching to the choir.

My last great effort was attempting to educate those following #ncsen. Now that the gerrymandering lawsuits were out of the way, candidates could actually file to run for US Senator from North Carolina. The Dems had already pretty much decided on a front runner and a recent debate had pointed to the two favored GOP candidates, of course one being supported by Trump.

Over the last couple of months, I explained how the GOP evangelical candidate was an anachronism, as was the military veteran. The evangelical prevailed in the debate by a wide margin, helped by his bus tour of the State.

I also took the opportunity to explain how Russia waited eight years for Ukraine to stop shelling Donbass every night and sign the Minsk ceasefire agreement.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to change the mind of someone who is paid to think a certain way. It was true of Trump and it is the same with Russia.

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