My Last Days on Twitter

My personal war on the Russian false narrative began with the Trump campaign in 2016. I believed at the time that the Dems would not allow Trump’s victory to stand, and stopped posting on Facebook. This blog has never done much traffic, which is to be expected when you spend time discussing local matters.

The same was true for my Twitter account. However, the recent aggression by Ukraine against Donbass generated a huge increase in traffic. I’d established myself as a reputable source for all things Russian.

However, my strategy has always been to lie low and wait for the coming collapse and war. I had suddenly become much bigger on Twitter than I felt comfortable with. Also, the rescue of Donbass by Russia denoted the end of my effort to raise consciousness. From this point forward, everyone could see for themselves what I’d come to know about Russia after the Ukrainian civil war and their subsequent military successes in Syria.

Meanwhile, the Wife and I have eighteen months to go on our lease in the store. We are making plans to close the store after 22 years and run the website in retirement. Retail, even at our beautiful Lawndale location, has never been strong in Greensboro, not being a tourist destination. We might have done better elsewhere, but the Wife wanted to be near her mother, who has recently dealt successfully with cancer.

So, I neither wanted the online exposure on Twitter, nor did I have much more to accomplish. I had long ago missed this blog, after breaking every thought into 200 words. The coming months represent in another change in my responsibilities, as we make this latest transition. She’s moved the store every four years, so we know what to expect.

We are in another time when the future looks dire. We made it through 2008, by hunkering down and waiting for better conditions. I understand the coming inflationary collapse will be much worse, but that experience made us risk averse, and so we carry as little debt as possible.

My old house in Liberty stands ready for me to escape as needed, but also to store stuff from the store, as we transition into semi-retirement. The Wife is actually much more busy dealing with her mother than the business, and thanks to great help, she is free to do it.

The fire in my belly to continue raising consciousness regarding fake news and false narratives burn hot as ever. Right now, I’m hanging out on Telegram and waiting to see what happens next. I’ve been convinced for years that a focus on geopolitics offers the best response to national, state and municipal problems. Besides, I hate local politics.

The plan is to lay low, ride this next disaster out, and perhaps hit it again.

I do plan to continue my weekly videos on Rumble. They don’t get any traffic, but I enjoy doing them.

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