Tuesday 3-8-2022

Michael Hudson

The American Empire self-destructs. But nobody thought that it would happen this fast

Russia has been helping Turkey to de-dollarize.

I gassed up Darth Beetle for the Wife, this morning. All three of our vechicles have 2.5L engines. As genetic Quakers, this is just how we live. If we take pleasure in the suffering of others, with SUVs and McMansions, those are the results of our asceticism.

I still have a couple of years to pay on my Nissan Frontier, the last 5 five speed manual truck available for sale, and the least expensive new truck.

We never ate out much, preferring to slam beer and wine at home, while preparing dinner.

The Wife’s dress store long ago destroyed our social life. And then Trump came along.

Over twenty years ago, when the Wife was thinking about leaving her sales job at the News & Fishwrap, she thought about teaching, but we don’t have kids and aren’t terribly fond of them.

She thought about opening a furniture store, but I said the items are too heavy.

A plus size women’s clothing store was just right.

We stumbled into an ecommerce site about ten years ago, and that has made all the difference.

Fortunately, the internet had destroyed my computer business, so I was available to run it.

You see, we’ve been through this before, with NAFTA.

The good thing about what’s coming is it will fix a lot of what is wrong with this country.

I watched Margin Call with Kevin Spacey, last night. I found the 2008 crash of mortgage-backed securities, Spacey’s career and what is about to happen to be ironic.

Fortunately, the recent plandemic prepared lots of people for what’s coming, if you didn’t lose everything to medical bills, rent, mortgage or die.

People are being evicted, but they’re being mighty damn quiet about it, lest we turn on the landlords.

And the colleges and universities remain open, despite doing nothing about student debt.

MMT for me, but not for thee.

Once we lose our allegiance to government, we lose our allegiance to debt.

The only good thing about losing RT America is Lee Camp will have to get a real job.



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