Thursday 3-10-2022

When the war in Ukraine began, Tom Luongo, being perfectly positioned with expertise on a broad range of issues, exploded in popularity. Telegram beeps about once per minute with people joining his channel.

I also became a patron of Tom Loungo on Patreon, in order to keep up with the tsunami of content he has been producing, recently. So, for the time being, it’s all Luongo all the time.

I spent a lot of last year watching Caleb Maupin and reading his books about the history of Communism and Socialism. He was on of the reporters recently let go when RT America was closed. He’s since been branded an agent of Russia by Twitter, confirming my recent fears and decision to deactivate my Twitter account.

I don’t miss it because my RSS feed reader is still in place, and people like Luongo are prepared to lose their Twitter accounts, as a result of pro-Russian content, by putting most of their content on blogs, pay sites like Patreon, Rumble and Odyssee.

The UPS guy came by this morning, and I was telling him how ideologues like Trudeau throw the book at insurgency of any kind, because they don’t have imagination and therefore lack empathy and moral clarity.

I got this from John Michael Greer, whom I’ve been reading for years.

Dr. Peter McCullough: Post-Omicron, ‘now is the time for expert analysis’

This Bulgarian journalist contends the US military maintains 25 biological weapons labs on the borders of Russia and China. They have applied for patents to wepaonize mosquitoes with pathogens.

Former US Generals are on the boards of former Soviet Republic media corporations in order to ensure that pro-NATO propaganda appears on their channels.

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