Sunday 3-13-2022

RT is gone from YouTube, but is up on Odysee.

The Russian military learned a lot about dealing with NATO in Syria.

US military disasters in Syria, Afghanistan and Ukraine have resulted in the IRGC launching 10 Fateh missiles at a Mossad training facilities in Erbil, Iraq in retaliation for Iranian casualties recently suffered there.

Such an action would need to have been approved by Iraq. Like the US, Israel is in Iraq illegally.

“The three-month deposit rate is 8% in dollars and 7% in euros, while the six-month rate for ruble deposits is 21%.”

“Over the past week customers have placed more than 2 trillion rubles ($15 billion) in traditional savings products.”

From deep in the comments at The Saker:

“I hope that you heard about the missile strike between Lviv and the Polish border where Ukro and NATO Nazi trainers just became collateral damage… I hear that there are many more such bases in western Ukraine which might encounter similar unpleasantries.”

Amateurs think strategy, generals think logistics … Or why Ukraine is doomed

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