Friday 3-18-2022

The Duran – Zelensky’s speech to US Congress. Putin’s speech to the Russian people

Tucker Carlson: This is a highly dangerous situation

Richard Medhurst – Idiots in Congress Cheer For Nuclear War With Russia #NoFlyZone

CrossTalk on Ukraine | ‘Something must be done!’

President of Russia – Meeting on socioeconomic support for regions

“I would like to remind you that at the beginning, on the morning of February 24, I publicly announced the reasons for and the main goal of Russia’s actions. It is to help our people in Donbass, who have been subjected to real genocide for nearly eight years in the most barbarous ways, that is, through blockade, large-scale punitive operations, terrorist attacks and constant artillery raids. Their only guilt was that they demanded basic human rights: to live according to their forefathers’ laws and traditions, to speak their native language, and to bring up their children as they want.”

Alex Christoforou – NYT Russian disinformation. Daniil Medvedev gets the Djokovic treatment at Wimbledon. Update

Tom Luongo – Putin: Destined to Hang or Drown?

“They don’t just want regime change and some kind of negotiated settlement for Ukraine. That’s actually way off the table now.They see the writing on the wall for their financial system which has failed. The only option they see now is making open preparations for WWIII thinking they still have the materiel and the manpower to enforce their Great Reset, which was always leading to war.

Lindsey Graham’s job is to build up the propaganda war to justify NATO’s entrance into Ukraine in the next few weeks.

The program now is WWIII, possibly with nukes and the abject humiliation of Russia and its eventual destruction.

And ours.”

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