Sunday 3-20-2022

Alex Christoforou – Russian MOD confirms Kinzhal hypersonic missile in West Ukraine. Assad visits UAE. Update 2

Alex Christoforou – Diplomat false flag. China calls out Biden’s bluff. Update 1

Richard Medhurst – Journalist Calls for Genocide of Russians, Quotes Eichmann

Richard Medhurst – Russia Bans Instagram After Instagram Allows Hate Speech Against Russians

Richard Medhurst – Biden, 1997: NATO Expansion Would Provoke “Hostile” Russian Reaction

Caleb Maupin – Ukraine Crisis & US Media Deceptions – Jackson Hinkle at CPI Austin Conference

Franc Analysis – Scott Ritter Discusses Bio-Labs in Ukraine, US Russophobia and More!

“The American people are among the most ignorant in the world. We’re too busy working.

We are the world’s worst friends. We are the indispensible nation.

We were weaponizing bird flu for birds to infect Russians.

The world despises American sanctions.

NATO was designed after WWII to keep the Germans down, the Americans in Europe and the Russians out.

The US military spent twenty years in low intensity conflict in Iraq, Afghanistan and forgot how to fight the kind of war occurring in Ukraine.”

Franc Analysis – Vanessa Beeley Discusses White Helmets Arriving in Ukraine, Bio-Labs, Root Cause of War, More!

“We’re seeing the same media lies we saw in Syria.

The media has reduced the West to a McCarthyite echo chamber.

Assad said the US has reduced the world to a jungle where they are thieves.

Russia has become a global force pushing back the tide of terrorism.

There are Nazis everywhere, but not in the government of a country.

Israel has been instrumental in expanding Ukrainian military and intelligence capabilities to promote racism against Russians.

The Zionist movement has been embedded in Ukraine, since its inception.

In Ukraine, you now have a collection of everything which threatens society.

Unlike the Syrian refugees, the Nazis in Ukraine (armed with Stingers and Javelins) are only a border away from Europe.”

Eva K Bartlett – Alex Christoforou on Ukraine’s 8 year war on the Donbass & Russia’s response to a very real threat

The Duran – Sanctions war against Russia is failing. China and India harden their stance

Alex Christoforou – Biden Belgrade video goes viral. Zhytomyr missile strike. Bulgaria cuts off Gazprom. Update 2

Russia Destroys Another Western Mercenary Base in Ukraine

The New Atlas – Russia Uses “Kinzhal” Hypersonic Missile in Ukraine: the How & Why


“The Russian goal is to destroy Ukraine military forces as they encounter them.

The SwitchBlade drone is among effective Ukraine weapons.”

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