Monday 3-21-2022

Alex Christoforou – Defeat of “Donbass” battalion. Turkey S400 to Ukraine. Protests in Spain & Greece. Update 1

Caleb Maupin – “Russia is not our enemy!” NYC Protesters Challenge NATO Propaganda

The Duran – “The destruction of armies rather than the capture of cities”

Eva K Bartlett – “Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s interview with RT, Moscow, March 18, 2022”

Katie Halper – Vijay Prashad on Ukraine, Russia, NATO & The Media

Gonzalo Lira – Mariupol

The Daily Beast on Gonzalo Lira:

“Lira has been in such striking lockstep with Russian narratives on the conflict—sometimes even posting official government statements as definitive truths about it—that Russian propaganda outlets have used clips of him as a supposed source of external, on-the-ground support for its stories.”

Lira’s response: “Everybody who works at the mainstream media is by definition a piece of shit.”

“Platform shift is common for ‘influencers’ who want to remain relevant,” said the guy not being cancelled.

“Russian disinformation shills are, after all, an unfortunate fixture of the modern social-media landscape—and a particularly salient concern as Russia ramps up its propaganda machine now.” 


“I think he watches Russian news shows and then just copies what he sees there,” which is tough, as he doesn’t speak Russian.

From Yves in the comments at Naked Capitalism:

“The reality, whether you like it or not, is middle and even more so upper middle class women have been brought up to expect a substantial change in gender roles, when that has for the most part not happened. Peak gender neutrality in kid’s toys happened around the time of peak feminism, the 1970s. I came of age then. I personally believe so-called second wave feminists have far more realistic views of what is attainable. The expectation then was women could perform in male dominated roles, but they were not expected to be super-moms; the tacit assumption was motherhood was a competing obligation that was incompatible with having a really serious career unless you had a house husband, a role that was generally seen as castrating back then.

Quite a few women IMHO have very unrealistic expectations of career v. motherhood. They have not been helped by a reversion starting in the Reagan era (I could see in on campuses when I was recruiting for Goldman, the change was astonishingly visible) of strong reinforcement of traditional gender roles in toys, ads, rom coms, TV shows.

So men and women are confused, and the dating signals are made worse by widespread use of digital devices (and even more ready access to porn, which creates unrealistic male expectations of women’s bodies and what they need to do to satisfy a woman) which have reduced social/romancing skills.

So no wonder you have a male backlash. Generally speaking, they have a much stronger sexual itch they need to scratch, so they whine more about their needs.”

US Unexpectedly Sanctions China Officials Hours After Demanding Beijing Condemn Russia

“Monday afternoon Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced more visa restrictions on Chinese officials related to prior charges that state authorities are overseeing the ethnic cleansing of Uighurs.”

Top comment:

“Is it me, or is our government hastening the dollars demise by doing this?”

This site received a visit from Crowdstrike, today.

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