Tuesday 3-22-2022

Gonzola Lira – The Daily Beast Is Trying To Get Me Killed

Halsey News Network – Monday Money (Episode 32): with Tom Luongo

“Get ready for Powell to turn into Volcker.

Russia is going to nationalize the Central Bank for leaving their reserves in foreign banks.”

Tucker Carlson – You should be worried about this

Tucker Carlson – Kid Rock tells critics to ‘go f—‘ themselves

Tucker Carlson – Kid Rock tells Tucker what it’s like to golf with Donald Trump

Alexander Mercouris – Ukraine Forces Mariupol Face Destruction, Reject Russian Ultimatum, UK Media Admits War Going Badly

We learned in 2014 that Russian Generals fight from the front and are often killed.

Alex Christoforou – FB & Instagram officially banned in Russia. Serbia tells Bulgaria to not block Gazprom. Update 2

Alex Christoforou – Greeks from Mariupol speak. Biden sends Soviet weapons to Ukraine. US sanctions China. Update 1

The Duran – Biden White House launches sanctions war against China

How to Avoid WWIII – Anton Chaitkin. An appeal and a challenge to the American people

Virtue Signaling About Ukraine!

I’ve been aware of JP since Rumble started, but he’s honed the act to razor sharpness.

This is the greatest goof I’ve seen in a long time.

Awaken with JP – Ukraine and Russia: What the Media Wants You To Think!

UPDATE: Russia and Ukraine Explained by Kamala Harris!

Congratulations to the “Woman” of the Year!

Is Klaus Schwab the Most Dangerous Man in the World?

How To Become a Woke Celebrity!

Gil Birmingham Jimmy Wolf performing Stevie Ray Vaughan Live from the Archive NAMA10

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