Tuesday 3-29-2022

Yesterday, I took a well-deserved day off.

Tom Loungo – #GotGoldorRubles? Did Russia Just Break The Back Of The West?

I don’t pretend to understand most of that. And yet, I just finished listening to Neal Stephenson’s second book of The Boroque Cycle. OK, I slept through some of it. But I’m just in time to read the third book, as referenced in Luongo’s article.

Neal Stephenson – The System of the World: Volume Three of the Baroque Cycle

Tucker Carlson – Biden can’t regulate his emotions

Tucker pretends not to understand the Zionist neocons have until November to inadvertently destroy as much of the West as possible, in their Trotskyite pursuit of Revolution.

Alex Christoforou – G7 rejects gas for rubles. FT claims Russia will fold to Ukraine demands during talks. Update 1

Eva K Bartlett – “It’s not Russia starting a war, it’s Russia ending the war happening here the last 8 years”

Tucker Carlson – We may not have enough food soon

George Galloway – FULL INTERVIEW: Why has everyone gone Ukraine crazy, politicians, the media?

Telegram is blowing up my ancient cell phone, so I’ve purchased a new Chromebook and will dedicate the old one to Telegram.

Alexander Mercouris – Biden Botches His Kennedy Moment as His Call for Regime Change in Moscow Provokes Massive Backlash

The Duran – Phase 2 of operations (Live)

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