Hungary and Serbia Refrain From Poking the Bear

Following Russia’s excellent rescue of Donbass, I killed my eight year-old pro-Russian Twitter account and took a month long vacation.

We put Darth Beetle in the wind for Mt. Airy, this morning. I told the Slovakians running Thirsty Souls that I was pro-Russian. They served us, anyway.

After eight years, I’m putting it out there. If you don’t understand the Soviet Union broke up thirty years ago, and most of the former Soviet Republics have been victimized by the central bankers, fuck you.

Russia and Hungary have struggled mightily against the IMF and World Bank.

You never knew we have been buying up to 1 million barrels of Russian oil everyday since Venezuela was sanctioned, because our five biggest refineries were built to crack gasoline from Venezuelan crude and the only replacement comes from the Urals.

You also don’t know the oil companies are ignoring Biden’s Russian sanctions to keep gas prices low.

We are now a lot like the former Soviet Republics. We want to emulate Hungary and not fall prey to the banksters.

Our Union will be destroyed by unfunded pensions in California and Illinois.

Once we lose our fear of government, we lose our fear of debt.

Serbian president declares victory

“Serbia will remain on the European and reformist path, but also friends with Russia and China.”

Bill Clinton bombed Serbia for 78 days in 1999, during the Lewinsky crisis.

The rarest and most important form of dissent is the citizen of humanity.

Evil is opposed. Ignorance is not an excuse.

Reinhold Niebhur called it sublime madness.

With pro-Russian victories in Hungary and Serbia, it was a tough weekend for the Euroscum.

This is merely a preview of things to come.

US libtards have already been cowed into silence by delusional ignorance. By November, you’ll be to afraid to leave your homes, much less vote, lest you encounter someone like me. And I’ll be getting louder, every day until then.

My horoscope recently said I need to drop the self-conscious baggage and communicate more. God help you.

US businesses decided to be nice and let the knuckleheads who stole the 2020 Presidential election do their worst. In little more than a year they’ve driven our oil-based economy onto the rocks and to the brink of nuclear war, all over 77 years of nuclear threat inflation of a Communist country which died thirty years ago.

You spineless libtards let a cabal of Satanic Zionist neocons take over US foreign policy and turn it into a non-agreement capable laughing stock of ideologues, utterly detached from reality.

Feckless liberals took the money and surrendered Education to Neoliberalism, which produced a Generation of professionals blinded by Cultural Marxism to the Regulatory Capture of the markets, because they had no knowledge of How Things Actually Work.

Feminized lemmings of the new professional class have sucked the souls out their children and caused them to hate everything they see. The current minimum wage is a representation of their disregard for the help.

Our feminized military got their butts kicked in Ukraine in 2014, after decades of war crimes in Korea, Vietnam, Latin America, Afghanistan and Iraq. They cower in Poland while Russia finally fixes Ukraine.

Just as the dead fish rots from the head first, we knew the professional class would decay, and that the salary class would defend them, but I wasn’t prepared for the extent of neo-slavery they would encourage, nor of the Inverted Totalitarianism they would inflict with the collapsing USD.

Neither was I prepared for the speed at which the ill-educated professional and salary classes destroyed the US economy, with equal amonts of capitalist greed and ignorant incompetence.

These self-inflicted unfortunates will cheer their team in the NCAA basketball tournament, aware that something is terribly wrong, but still too high on the Mass Formation Index to realize the ground upon which college sports was built has largely crumbled under their brain-washed feet.

Who could’ve imagined things would get so bad that scions of the Amway Ponzi scheme would end up running Education and the Miltary?

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